Warranty Policy For The F11 Electric Skateboard

      What is covered under F11 electric skateboard warranty?
      Here at BASE CAMP, we warranty our F11 electric skateboard to be free of manufacturing defects for 100 days from the date of purchase.

      All defects are caused by the skateboard itself.
      (1) Hub Motor
      (2) ESC
      (3) Battery
      (4) Remote
      (5) Charger

      What is NOT covered under F11 electric skateboard warranty?
      (1)Wheels / Bearings / Bushings / Grip Tape are considered wear and tear items and will not be covered.
      (2) Damage caused by impact, damage caused by use in contravention of local law, or damage caused by anything other than defects in material and workmanship, or improper storage.
      (3) Defects caused by tampering or unauthorized alterations or repairs.
      (4) F11 skateboard is not designed to be jumped down stairs or off curbs or do skateboard tricks. Doing maneuvers like this can result in broken motor plates, axles, and other parts and therefore these items are not covered by warranty.
      (5) Battery deterioration through standard use.
      (6) The warranty applies exclusively to the new complete F11 skateboard purchased through basecampboards.com and authorized resellers/dealers. Skateboards purchased elsewhere, used condition, or second-hand are not covered under warranty.
      (7) F11 electric skateboard that has the serial number removed, defaced, damaged, altered, or made illegible;

      Note: F11 electric skateboard purchased after October 2022 will have a unique certified serial number. If this serial number is torn off, the warranty will be void.

      Who covers shipping costs?
      This warranty does not include resending a new F11 electric skateboard, we only provide a replacement for defective components or parts. Under warranty, shipping the part(s) to you will be at our expense. BASE CAMP provides paid repairs for F11 skateboards that are out of warranty.

      How do I apply for a warranty?
      Please email hello@basecampboards.com to submit a warranty request to our support team.
      Please make sure to have your order number and F11 skateboard serial number ready.

      BASE CAMP will make the final warranty determination, which may require inspection and/or photos of the equipment, which clearly show the defect(s). Please note that the more information you provide, the better we can serve you.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at hello@basecampboards.com. We would love to help you out!

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