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How did it all begin? 

BASE CAMP® boards arose from a passion for adventure and a disappointment with the electric boards on the market. Other electric skateboards have tiny decks, low wheels, and trucks that don't cut it for quality. The other styles of electric skateboards also did not quite meet expectations when it came to the overall design or motor specifications. The market had plenty of poor quality or high-speed boards, but it didn't have any high-quality, safe, and affordable boards. Steven, the founder of BASE CAMP®, bought an electric skateboard for his 14-year-old son's birthday and was extremely disappointed with the ride quality.
After years of research and testing, the team at BASE CAMP® created the F11 mini electric skateboard! The mini board was launched in 2022 after several years of testing different combinations of materials, wheel sizes, deck widths, etc. The F11 electric board boasts a wide deck and wide wheels for the ultimate ride. The mini board's wide wheels keep the ride smooth and passable while the expansive deck increases stability. With four adjustable modes of speed, skaters of all skill levels are sure to feel comfortable, safe, and enjoy the ride.

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Why a mini electric skatebaord

BASE CAMP® started with mini boards because of their size and weight. Typical boards are longer and more cumbersome, making them difficult to carry through the city or campus. For instance, carrying a normal-sized electric skateboard on a bus can be awkward and cramped. With the F11 mini-board, you can comfortably ride the bus without the hassle of trying to stay out of everyone's way or not knowing where to store it. Our mini-boards come with a backpack for carrying, or they are small enough to strap to the outside of a regular pack. The BASE CAMP F11 mini electric skateboard makes traversing the city fun and hassle-free. Take our mini-board on all of your adventures with ease!

Not sure if skateboarding is for you? Pick up a new hobby and develop a new skill with our skateboard. The F11 electric skateboard is designed with all riders in mind. Our board is extra-wide for an enhanced feeling of stability, while our wide wheels provide confidence in the ride that all beginners want when learning. The 4 modes of speed range from 3.1 mph for beginners up to 10 mph for experts. Everyone can ride and enjoy the F11 mini-board, from young children to grandparents.

What are the benefits of the BASE CAMP® F11 board?

When you choose our board, you're choosing a high-quality and reliable mini skateboard. We took the time to research every aspect of our board, from wheels to battery pack and the deck, so that you can ride our skateboard with confidence. The BASE CAMP® F11 is also the best mini electric board on a budget.

Powerful yet Quiet Motor

The F11 electric skateboard boasts a 300W hub motor that offers a quiet and reliable ride with decreased lag and less maintenance. The motor is powerful enough to support a max speed of 10 mph, a 10-degree climb, and riding through the grass. The motor is attached to a single wheel through a large battery pack on the underside of the board.

Long-Range Battery

The battery on the F11 skateboard is a UL 2272 certified 4000 mAh battery pack with a max range of 9 miles. The F11 comes with a high-current USB charger that can fully recharge the battery within 2 to 4 hours.

Compact Size

The BASE CAMP® F11 mini-board measures 23.5cm across and 74cm in length. The board weighs 5.5 kg or 12.13 pounds. The F11 mini-board comes with a backpack for easy hands-free transportation. The smaller board size lets you carry it through classrooms, offices, and other tight spaces with ease.


The F11 skateboard has a minimal impact on the environment. By using a rechargeable battery with a lifespan of 500 cycles, we minimize the effect on our planet. Skip the gasoline-powered car or bus and opt for the sustainable electric skateboard.


Our company was created in 2005 to bring innovative and fashionable cycling and skateboarding gear to consumers. We are focused on designing, developing, and producing safety gear that improves all adventures. BASE CAMP® skateboards were born from a spirit of adventure and the desire to always pursue new things. The team at BASE CAMP® seeks to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to feel the power and fun of skateboarding with the F11 mini-board. We pride ourselves on creating the best gear and skateboards on the market, with top safety ratings and high-quality materials. With more than 100K 5-star reviews on Amazon, we know you'll love the new F11 electric skateboard.

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