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1. Can the battery/motor be replaced?

The motors and batteries can be replaced. Our battery life for our boards is 500 cycles. If you need to order and replace the new motors or batteries, just feel free to contact us at

Few tips to maintain your board longer: 1. Always clean your bearings for the best roll and quietest/smoothest ride(including the bearing in the drive gear).2. Always check all screws/nuts throughout the skateboard are tight(truck, nuts, wheels nuts, etc.) 3. Rotate the wheels on the skateboard as you would do so with any skateboard, as the drive wheel will wear the fastest. 4. Keep the battery fully charged at ALL times. 5. Always store your board at room temperature(not in a hot car!) 6. Clean your board from dust and dirt so it looks and rides as new at all times. Use a damp & dry cloth to clean.


2. How do I store the board?

If the BASE CAMP board will not be used for a long time, store the board fully charged and then after a maximum period of three months discharge at least 50% and then charge back to full capacity. Repeat that process if the board is to stay unused or better still give it to someone that will use it, the boards are too good to be left alone.

It is recommended to not let your battery drain less than 15-20%. Letting the battery drain to 0% is definitely not recommended and there might have been problems with the board being unable to charge or turn on after being drained to 0%.     

3. Local laws and regulations

Please check your local legal requirement for the electric vehicles and electric skateboards before you buy them and use them, the laws and regulations vary by country, state, or county.


4. How do I pair the remote with the board?

Check this link:


5. Where is your warehouse?

BASE CAMP was established in 2005 and registered in the United States on August 23, 2016.
We have 17 years of experience in the cycling safety equipment industry. The first skateboard was born out of our founder's love of pursuing new things, and a chance encounter.
His disappointment with the actual riding experience of the electric skateboard he gave his son inspired him and the team to set out to design our own electric skateboard and launch our first skateboard F11 in 2022. The goods will be shipped from our warehouse in the US. BASE CAMP boards are made in China.


6. Is my BASE CAMP Board waterproof?

Your BASE CAMP board is NOT waterproof, water-resistant level rated at IP54.

It can prevent sputtering water and dust under normal conditions. It's not recommended to ride in the rain, which is in danger, especially for accelerating, braking, or turning and potential damage to bearings and decks in the long term as well.



It is normal for the motor to heat up during use. It is necessary to clean the motor in time to make the motor ventilate smoothly. If they get really hot whilst riding, give them some time to cool down before restarting the board.