Hard Work, Struggles, Tears and Failures

As they say, behind every successful company, there are many years of hard work, struggles, tears, and failures. The same can be said about BASE CAMP, one of the most popular electric skateboard companies.

Founded in 2005 by two product design college students Steven and his classmate Yan, BASE CAMP has become famous among young skateboard enthusiasts for its unique design and affordable prices.

But that's the story you all know. We are going to talk about a story that most of you don't know. And it's about how Basecamp reached its glory.

Let's talk about the mind behind BASE CAMP, the Founder Steven.

The guy with big dreams
Origin Story of Steven - The Guy With Big Dreams

Steven is a passionate, crazy guy who is born into a family of craftsmen. His grandfather used to make furniture that relied entirely on exquisite woodwork splicing and precise calculations. From there Steven got his trait of aiming for perfection.

From customer needs to surveying drawings and material selection, his grandfather used to do this all alone. And this spirit of craftsmanship has occupied an important position in his world since then. Steven is strict and honest. That is why some people call him paranoid or abnormal, but he tries his best to find the best solution possible.

Steven was bound for greatness from the beginning. Because of the deep influence of German culture, Steven's work was shortlisted for the German Red Dot Design Award before graduation. During the seven years of school and college combined, Steven has won numerous design awards.

He had a dream to create products that are recognized by consumers around the world.
The first failure
The Start of BASE CAMP & The First Failure

With this dream, he started BASE CAMP in 2005. He invited the famous French designer Robert Brothers to work with him to design their first surfing product G-force.

But the arc of a small accessory product did not meet the data required by the design draft, and the difference was a mere 3 millimeters, resulting in insufficient aerodynamic traction. For this mistake alone, BASE CAMP was set to suffer a loss of nearly 150,000 US dollars.

The engineer told Steven that this substandard accessory can be used, but it will cause a 0.6 % failure rate.

Then Steven had a decision to make. Either to lose $150,000 US dollars or accept a product failure rate of 0.6%. This was the initial stage of his startup, and Steven was not that rich. He could've taken the safer way out.

So what did he do?

After giving it a thought at home for 24 hours, he decided to stop this product and bear all the losses.
rise from its ashes
Rise From Its Ashes - How Steven Turned Around BASE CAMP's Fortunes

Steven encountered a big setback at the very beginning. But that didn't stop him. After that failure, he established 3 main rules,

1. BASE CAMP will not be tempted by any money to sell its brand reputation;

2. The design and development of any product of BASE CAMP should be at the world's top level.

3. BASE CAMP will have strong execution ability, and the requirements for product quality are very strict.

BASE CAMP has a more important pursuit than profit, which is the customer's love for its products. That is why In addition to developing products, Steven spends a lot of time listening to customer feedback every day. He takes every feedback seriously. Then he will carefully record it and discuss it with corresponding engineers and technicians to find the root cause or causes and then do real root fixes.

He believes that the problem is not terrible, but the awful thing is that they dare not face the problem, and there is no way to avoid it in future products

As a result, In 2020, BASE CAMP won the honor of the top 500 North American brands.

"When my grandfather was dying, he told me to make products in a down-to-earth manner, be responsible to customers, and never let customers be disappointed with products". said, Steven.

Steven hopes to make BASE CAMP focus on providing users with good products, good services, and good prices. That is why there is no sales team in BASE CAMP as they believe that Advertising expenses can be saved, but quality and cost cannot be saved.

"Reputation is the foundation of survival, and if you always stand with consumers, then you will gain full trust and high evaluation. And we try our best to save money for customers and make the most cost-effective products on the premise of ensuring the best design and quality," said Steven.
the mission of Base Camp
The Mission of BASE CAMP - Capture & Improve the Spirit of Adventure

The main mission of BASE CAMP is to design, develop, and produce safety gear that improves all adventures. The skateboards were born from a spirit of adventure and the desire to always explore new things. 

The BASE CAMP team wants to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to feel the power and fun of skateboarding with the F11 mini-board. BASE CAMP takes pride in creating the best gear and skateboards on the market, with top safety ratings and high-quality materials.

More than 10K 5-star reviews on Amazon prove that we are on the right path.

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