We are all aware of the fact that electric skateboards are super fun, and they are also super convenient since they take little to no effort to reach top speed.

The very attributes that make these electric skateboards desirable also make them a cause for concern to many people.

Are electric skateboards safe for beginners, or are they meant for professional use?

The general consensus on the matter is that electric skateboards are usually safe.

However, there are some factors that decide the safety of each skater, and they are outlined below for you.


Electric Skateboards - Safe or Not?

Electric boards are generally not hazardous at all, but certain conditions may make them a bit risky to use.

So, keep these few factors in mind to ensure maximum safety. We have outlined certain factors about electric boards that go amiss.

With this knowledge, your electric skateboards will never throw you off.


Wet Roads Are Hazardous for Electric Skateboards

Every electric skateboard houses a battery, which is an essential item to keep the motor running.

Batteries are made with Lithium-Polymer or lithium-ion, which are a hazard in wet situations as the element lithium reacts intensely with water to form a highly flammable gas called hydrogen.

Alright, wait for a second, we see what this is looking like, but it’s not all that bad.

We’ve just given you the properties of the battery that can become dangerous if not taken proper care of.

In reality, the most trouble that a wet lithium battery can give is a faster discharging rate.

To avoid this, you have to be extra cautious with your electric skateboards and try not to use them on wet roads.

In case you do get caught up in the rain someday with your skateboard, you can still ride it back home, but you have to take care of the batteries as soon as you are in a safe and dry place.

Rub the water off of the batteries and make sure to completely dry them off. Otherwise, water will seep in and start discharging the battery’s capacity.


Coordination of Remote Control and Motor

With normal skateboards, you can exercise more manual control of the movement and direction of the board.

It all just depends on your skill level. Since most people learn with regular boards, skaters who transition into the future of skateboarding may take a bit of time to adjust to the new pace of their electric boards.

It is important to stay alert during your first few times on the board.

The motor of the board is fully responsible for producing the speed of the board.

Your skill as a skater is only an accompanying attribute that will make your riding experience truly amazing.

For electric skateboards, the mechanism involves a bit more coordination.

There is a remote control that works the motor, and you will need to work simultaneously with both to get the smoothest skating experience.

This is where beginners will get a bit more advantage than experts in skating.

Experts may have a tendency to underestimate the coordination required with the tools, while beginners will get a quicker hang on the craft due to their apprehension and a higher level of caution with the skill of skating.


Speed Control is Crucial

The power and the ease of motion granted by the battery-powered motor and the remote control are fairly new to all.

You have to get used to the speed produced by the machine-run skateboard. Whether it be beginners or experts, electric skateboards will test them all.

These boards are more like a bike than like a bicycle, so you have to get the hang of them before you can chase the trees at top speed.

Just take it slow, going fast will be risky for you since the speed cannot be controlled manually.

If you throw yourself off a very fast board, you will be putting yourself at risk of severe injuries because you never know where you will find yourself after the jump.


Tips to Ride Your Electric Skateboard Safely

There are some ways to make electric skateboards easier for you to handle.

Keep these tips at the top of your head, and you will soon be cutting your commuting time down by half without risking your knees, ankles, and elbows getting bruised.


Always Gear Up!

You have to carry some gear with you when you go electric. This includes proper padding and a riding helmet.

In general, electric skateboards can go up to speeds of about 18 - 28 mph. The best electric skateboards in the market can even go at 60+ mph safely.

This sort of speed can get you into serious accidents even in your own neighborhoods, so make sure you have the right safety precautions.


Keep a Distance Between Yourself and Bigger Vehicles on the Road

It is best to avoid big roads, and you can take small shortcuts and alleys instead to avoid getting into the speeding zones where faster and bigger vehicles might throw you off track.


Check Your Brakes and Your Battery Frequently

If there is something wrong with your brakes and you do not realize it, then you will definitely fall off. The level of injury you will get is what remains unknown, but the fall is quite certain.

So, better be safe than sorry - check your brakes daily. The same goes for your battery.

While the battery failure won’t throw you off, it will definitely be unwanted to have to walk the rest of the way because of a dead battery in your skateboard.



So, in conclusion, are electric skateboards safe? They most certainly are, but a lot depends on your mindfulness and skill as a rider.

A cautious rider will not be at risk of a dangerous fall as much as an overly excited rider will be.

So, handle the power of your electric skateboard well, and there will be no question of safety.


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