Electric skateboards have been one of the popular choices for commuters. These make small-distance traveling stress-free.

However, at the end of the day, they have electronic parts, naturally making them less ideal for harsh weather. But is the case different in this regard?

Are electric skateboards waterproof?

Not all electric skateboards are waterproof. Some electric skateboards are water-resistant. On the other hand, some models are neither water-resistant nor waterproof.

But what is the difference between being water-resistant and waterproof? Also, what will happen if you get a non-waterproof electric skateboard drenched in water?

Let’s answer them all for you!


What Is the Difference Between Waterproof and Water-resistant Electric Skateboards?

The main difference between a waterproof and water-resistant skateboard is how well it can resist water.

When something is waterproof, it will be impermeable to water, regardless of how much time it spends under it.

On the other hand, a water-resistant skateboard can resist water penetration to some degree. After a certain point or depth, water-resistant skateboards will not be able to resist water anymore.

And when they lose their resistance power, water will get inside, eventually damaging the internal parts.


What Happens When Your Electric Skateboard Has Water Damage?

Warranties of most of the brands do not cover water damage. That means you will mostly be on your own when you manage to damage an electric skateboard.

The thing is, no device is truly waterproof. Even though many brands will claim that their electronic devices are “Waterproof,” they are completely resistant to water.

And you can get to know about the phenomenon in detail when you look at the fine print of their warranty policy.

However, that does not mean you can not fix a water-damaged electric skateboard.

Spare parts and boards of skateboards are available. Although, whether you will be able to find one for your skateboard will primarily depend on the manufacturer.

But, in most cases, spare parts will be readily available if the skateboard is from a prominent. And if you can get a replacement for the water-damaged PCB, you can get your skateboard up and running through third-party repair shops.


Water Resistant Ratings Explained

So, the water-resistant electric boards will have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating.

This rating will let you know whether you can safely ride the board in harsh weather conditions or not.

But what do the numbers of IP ratings mean? Let’s give you a rundown to give you a better idea about it.


IP Rating First Number Meaning

For example, consider a water-resistant electric skateboard with IP67. The “6” in this rating is the first IP rating number.

And it indicates the level of protection the enclosure has from solid foreign bodies, such as dust. Here is the list of what each of the first digits states -

  • X -It means that there is not enough data available to specify a protection rating for the product.
  • 0 -As you might have guessed, 0 means the enclosure has no protection at all.
  • 1 -Large objects will not be able to get inside the device. That includes everything that is larger than 50 mm.
  • 2 -The enclosure is protected against elements or objects that are larger than 12.5 mm. Your finger or similar-sized objects are great examples.
  • 3 -Objects that are larger than 2.5 mm will not be able to get inside the enclosure. A good example of these objects would be thick wires and tools.
  • 4 -The enclosure has the ability to block off objects larger than 1 mm. For example, slender screws, large ants, and most of the wires.
  • 5 -This number states that the enclosure is protected from dust. However, it does not mean that dust can not enter the interior.
  • 6 -It is the highest ingress protection number for dust. It means that the enclosure is dust-tight, meaning it will be able to fully restrict the entry of most small particles.


IP Rating Second Number Meaning

The second digit of an IP rating is there for liquids, which is the main concern of this discussion. To illustrate, in an IP67-rated device, the “7” is the second number.

And like the first digit, each of the numbers on the second digit placement offers specific information about liquid protection.

  • X -It means that there is no data available to specify a correct protection rating for the product.
  • 0 -Zero, again, means null. So, a device with IPX0 has no protection from liquid at all.
  • 1 -When the second digit of an IP rating is 1, it means that dripping water will not harm the product. The test duration for these is 10 minutes, and the water droplets are equivalent to having 0.039 inches of rainfall in one minute.
  • 2 -It means that the device is protected from dripping water when it is tiled at a 15-degree angle. Here, the test duration is 2.5 minutes for each direction of tilt. And the water quantity is equivalent to 0.12 inches of rainfall in one minute.
  • 3 -This digit states that the interior will be safe from spraying water. The test parameters for this digit include a spray nozzle, a water volume of 10 liters per minute, and 50 to 150 kPa pressure. Also, the duration of this test is 1 minute.
  • 4 -Water splashes from any direction will not be able to harm the enclosure.
  • 5 -The enclosure will not have any problems when water is projected by a nozzle from any given direction.
  • 6 -Water projected from powerful jets will not harm the interior of the device.
  • 7 -Ingres of the harmful amount of water is not any threat to the eclosure of the device.
  • 8 -The device is safe for continuous immersion in water. However, the manufacturers will specify the conditions of the immersion.
  • 9 -Close-range high-pressure and high-temperature sprays will not be able to harm the enclosure of the device.


Final Words

So, are electric skateboards waterproof? It boils down to the one that you have.

And the IP rating of the skateboard will determine how much protection the skateboard has against water.

So, keep that in mind before you take out your board on a rainy day.


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