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Electric skateboards are the new trend in the entertainment, traveling, and commuting business. Some say it’s a revolutionary change while others claim it has no effectiveness at all.

So, what is the truth? Are electric skateboards worth it?

Yes, they absolutely are. Electric skateboards offer solutions to problems that would’ve been difficult with our regular mode of transportation. They also come with some disadvantages as well.

Here, we will go through all these details which should help you make an informed decision.


Components of an Electric Skateboard

To understand the worth & effectiveness of an electric skateboard first we need to look at the core components that an electric skateboard is made up of.

There are 5 major components of an electric skateboard -


1. Electric Motor

The entirety of an electric skateboard depends on the electric motor that is attached to it. This is the heart of the electric skateboard that will power up the system.

The motor is connected to the rechargeable battery that is located on the backside of the skateboard.

Generally, it is covered with a protective layer that covers the wiring as well. But on some cheap boards, they might be exposed as well.

It is quite rare to encounter electric skateboards like that though.


2. Rechargeable Battery

Most batteries will be able to provide around 3 to 5 hours of runtime on top speed.

The higher the battery capacity the better the performance of the board will be in this case.


3. Wireless Speed Controller or Remote

Next comes the wireless throttle and the speed controller. This is a remote-like device that allows you to power up your electric skateboard through radio wireless signals.

You will have a throttle, and break button along with variable speed control settings.

The higher the quality of the electric skateboard the more functional buttons and options you will get with your remote controller.


4. Main Board

As for the mainboard, there are multiple wood options just like the one you get with classic skateboards. They come in various shapes and sizes.

Some might even find an electric skateboard’s main board quite similar to the ones in longboards.

As for the wood option, maple is the most common but there are other options for you to explore such as bamboo as well.


5. Wheels

Electric skateboards are much stronger and come with a better grip compared to the ones found in classic skateboards.

All the wheels are individually connected to the motor and the main processing unit so when you hit the brake, they come to a stop immediately.

Additional components that you might find in a skateboard are brake sensors which slow down the speed if there is any traffic or object right in front of the board. GPS and a few others.

No matter what features an electric board may come with or not, the core 5 components never change.


Advantages of Electric Skateboards

Now that we have an idea of how an electric skateboard functions, let’s take a look at how these functionalities can help you and whether they are worth the trouble to get into -


Faster, Further, and Longer

Electric skateboards are faster than casual skateboards and can sometimes even outperform cars.

That being said, you shouldn’t expect to compete with a vehicle that is powered by a massive engine to the small motor that comes with your electric skateboard.

These boards can generate a top speed of 55 to 65 miles per hour. This will drain the battery quickly but this speed can be maintained on an open straight road.

With an electric skateboard, you will be able to travel distance further than you ever could with a bike, roller skates, or skateboard. This is due to the increased amount of speed.

Not to mention the fact that you won’t be as physically drained as you would’ve been if you used the mentioned traveling methods.


Avoid Traffic and Queues

Portability is a big part of skateboards and electric skateboards are no different. With the help of electric skateboards, you will be able to pass through traffic easily while the cars and buses lay their standstill.

This is a blessing for people who gets out during busy hour and spends hours in traffic.

What’s more, if you use the train, then you can simply put the board in your hand and when you reach your stop put the board down and go to your destination faster than anyone.

Electric skateboards also come in handy if you are trying to avoid long queues for takeaway or in stores.

There is no need to wait or look place to park your vehicle. Just grab it up and you are ready.


Save Fuel and Money

A big issue that most people with cars suffer from is the money used for buying fuel.

Even if you don’t own a car, you will have to pay a taxi fare or bus fare just to reach your destination. But that is not the case when it comes to electric skateboards.

This is because you can easily travel to your destination on your board without spending cash on fuel or paying any sort of fare in the first place.

You will only need to charge your battery at times and even that can be free if you have solar panels installed at your home.

To be fair, purchasing an electric skateboard can be a bit of an investment.

But the overall cost will be meager compared to the cost that you would’ve to pay for a down payment of cars and the fuel bills that comes along with it.


Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Electric skateboards utilize electricity to power the device to go forward or backward. Unlike most cars, there is no need for any sort of fuel or gas to power this device.

If there is no fuel burning then there will be no carbon dioxide emission from you. So, you will significantly decrease your carbon footprint.


Go Where Cars and Bikes Can’t

Another advantage that comes with electric skateboards is mobility. This small device can be handheld so you can take it in your hand and get through spots where you won’t even be able to enter with a car or a bike.

From going through the streets and alleyways to going off-road all can be done with an electric skateboard but not by a vehicle or bike.

And what’s more, you will get enough flexibility that you won’t have to sacrifice speed when you are going through complex areas on your electric skateboard.


Low Maintenance Cost

Electric skateboards have a low maintenance cost compared to cars or bikes. If you ever face a problem with your electric skateboard then it will be one of the 5 core components.

While some of them might be extremely cheap but some parts might cost you a bit more. But that price will be nothing compared to the maintenance cost you might have to do for your car or bike.

A simple engine repair of a car might cost you over triple digits. You can probably buy two or three expensive electric skateboards with that amount of money.


Not Being Drenched in Sweat

A big con of using bicycles, skateboards, or rollerblades is that you will end up being drenched in sweat when you reach your destination. This is especially true during hot & damp weather.

This can make you feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day and will cut your productivity quite short.

With electric skateboards that is not the case as you won’t be doing too many physical activities that will make you drenched in sweat.

Yes, you will have to balance your body and that isn’t an extremely easy task to do for beginners but once you master it you will have no problem.


It Is Budget Friendly

A big advantage of electric skateboards is that they are extremely budget-friendly and they are an option for every type of buyer in the market.

The price of a decent electric skateboard can start from the low amount of 100$.

There are obviously costly ones out there in the market but for beginners getting a decent board will do the job just fine.


Electric Skateboards Are Fun!

Last but probably the most important fact about electric skateboards is that they are fun.

With the additional features that come with an electric skateboard, doing tricks and going at high speed will provide you with more pleasure.

They also serve as longboards so you can use them for cruising through the countryside as well. So, if you are looking a fun traveling options compared to the gloomy atmosphere you get in a car then electric skateboards are obviously the right way to go.


Issues With Using Electric Skateboard

There are a good number of advantages that comes into play when you start using electric skateboards for yourself.

But you will also have to deal with certain issues, and they are -


Charging the Skateboard

This will be the most troublesome issue that you will have to face when you have chosen to use an electric skateboard for yourself.

  • You will need to charge them for a good amount of time before the battery gets fully recharged. If you forget them then you will face some uncomfortable situations in dire times.
  • The charging can be costly too if you are using a highly powerful battery and motor in your electric skateboard.
  • Now, opting for solar panels can cut down the cost of electricity but solar panels themselves are an investment in the first place.
  • Also, the charge on the electric skateboard can deplete while you are in the middle of using it. This can lead to even accidents.

That being said, if you are careful and charge your electric skateboard regularly then there shouldn’t be any problem at all.

What’s more most electric skateboard chargers are portable, so you can charge them anywhere you want, as long as you have access to electricity.


They Are Large and Weigh a Lot

Some of the most elite electric skateboards can be very big and weigh a ton. So, if you end up getting one of them for yourself then you will have a lot of trouble picking it up and off at times.

This makes the mobility of the boards a disadvantage instead of making it a good advantage. But electric skateboards come in all shapes and sizes.

If you just pick up one that you can easily lift and also offers all the required speed and power for yourself, then you would do just fine.

That is why you must look into the size, weight, and wood type before you end up buying an electric skateboard.


 It Is Illegal in Some Places

There are some places where it is illegal to ride an electric skateboard. If you live in a place like that then there is no point in getting an electric skateboard for yourself.

So, make sure you can ride electric skateboards in the area you live and go to work or school. But there isn’t much to worry about this con as well.

This is because most places in the world won’t mind if you come there on an electric skateboard. That being said, some places will totally block your entrance if you show up on an electric skateboard.


Difficult Learning Curve

The learning curve can be difficult for many who have never ridden a skateboard before.

Even for experienced users balancing can be difficult. As the power is coming from the remote’s button press and not from your foot can be strange to adjust at first.

But after a few days of practice, riding an electric skateboard won’t be that difficult even for a complete novice.


Risk of Accident

There is no sugarcoating on this part. If you get into an accident while riding an electric skateboard then it will have a bigger impact compared to getting into an accident in a car.

Losing balance always led to incidents for skateboarders and it is the same for people riding electric skateboards.

As you will be going through small gaps and spaces, the chance of losing balance can be great and the slightest loss in focus can be devastating.

For this reason, many tend to disregard electric skateboards because waiting in traffic is better than getting into an accident.


Can Break Easily

While electric skateboards come with good durability, they won’t survive too much force. Sometimes, bad weather like heavy rain or blizzards can end up damaging the board permanently.

If this happens then you will have no other option but to get a new board for yourself.

And these boards aren’t so cheap that you just pick one up when your current board gets broken.

You want this issue that much on a car or bike though. And even if you do, changing one or two parts of the car or bike generally will make them work like brand new.


Should I Buy an Electric Skateboard?

Now, that you have seen both the effectiveness and problems that come with electric skateboards, should you still pick one up for yourself?

In our opinion yes you should.

All the issues that you might face with electric skateboards can easily be solved if you are careful enough.

Charging the board regularly, taking care of the wheels, cleaning the boards during rough seasons, learning how to ride, and being cautious and not overexcited while riding can fix most issues.

So, why not work to solve the issues because the benefits that you will be getting are huge.


Final Thoughts

There you have it. This is all the information that you needed to find the answer to your question regarding the worth of electric skateboards.

So, are electric skateboards worth it? We certainly think so and if you have come this far with the article then you should be able to make that decision for yourself as well. Best of luck!

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electric penny board, board,electric skate electric skateboards, Mini Electric Skateboards, The Best Mini Electric Skateboards,basecampboards,basecamp Electric Skateboards
electric penny board, board,electric skate electric skateboards, Mini Electric Skateboards, The Best Mini Electric Skateboards,basecampboards,basecamp Electric Skateboards

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