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Could it be said that you are searching for a method for having a good time and getting yourself from one spot to another at the same time? Provided that this is true, then you might be contemplating buying an electric skateboard.

At the point when you find your choices for skateboards, you will rapidly understand that there is a great deal of them out there. The facts confirm that an electric skateboard is a huge venture, so you might ponder,

Are electric skateboards worth it?

Let’s Find Out. 

Benefits of an Electric Skateboard

There are several key benefits you will enjoy if you purchase an electric skateboard. These include:

Don’t Get Stuck In the Rush Hour Traffic

On the off chance that you live in a bustling city, you are most likely searching for a method for staying away from traffic. One of the ways of doing so is to utilize an electric skateboard. You can ride an electric skateboard past every one of the vehicles at a halt and get your skateboard to take it on a train. Subsequently, you can in any case exploit mass travel without strolling vast blocks. You additionally don't need to stress over sitting in rush hour gridlock fooling around.

Don’t Be Late for Work or School

In the event that you want a superior method for driving to work or school, an electric skateboard could possibly help you. You would rather not sit in the vehicle each day while heading to work or school. 

Simultaneously, you would rather not need to walk all things considered. On the off chance that you take a bicycle, you might wind up sweat-soaked when you arrive. An electric skateboard is an extraordinary center ground. Think about involving this as a driving choice for you.

You Can Go Further, Faster

When contrasted with different methods of transportation, an electric skateboard is basically quicker. Obviously, a vehicle will go all the more rapidly on the highway, yet there are as yet various circumstances where an electric skateboard could beat a vehicle. You don't need to stress over sitting in rush hour gridlock, and you can go a lot quicker than strolling.

Go Where Other Vehicles Can’t

In the event that you are in school, you know grounds can be tremendous spots and it can require you a long investment to get started with one class and then onto the next. An electric skateboard is quicker than strolling and undeniably more charming. At the point when you get to your objective, you can get your skateboard and take it inside with you.

You could likewise know a few little easy routes in your old neighborhood through parks and saves that are simply beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to take with a vehicle. Electric skateboards permit you to go on experiences and investigate places you've never had the option to go.

Save a Lot of Money

In the event that you have become weary of paying for gas, you might need to ponder an electric skateboard. Without a doubt, an electric skateboard isn't quite as quick as a vehicle, however you don't actually require a vehicle to take you all over. Consider that multitude of brief excursions you do to the shops to get milk or bread. Take your board all things considered and save money on fuel.

The facts really confirm that electric skateboards require somewhat of a forthright venture, however you can set aside cash over the long haul. You don't need to stress over putting as numerous miles on your vehicle, so you shouldn't have as numerous upkeep bills. Moreover, you don't need to burn through as much cash on gas, which can save you from wearing out your wallet.

Better for Your Physical and Mental Health

An electric skateboard is perfect for your general wellbeing. You might find that your general state of mind emphatically further develops in the wake of buying an electric skateboard since you invest more energy outside and less time lounging around in your vehicle or even at home on the sofa. These things make you Need to head outside. Furthermore, the additional sun openness will make them ingest more vitamin D.

Individuals feel that riding an electric skateboard is apathetic, notwithstanding, while you're riding you actually need to utilize your focal sensory system, tendons, ligaments, and muscles to control your equilibrium on the skateboard. It's really an incredible method for getting some light activity while investing more energy outside, working on your psychological well-being.

Electric Skateboard Is Better for the Environment

Another benefit of using an electric skateboard is that you can protect the environment. Cars are notorious for emitting a lot of greenhouse gases and choosing to take your skateboard for a spin helps to reduce your carbon footprint.


You Won’t Be a Sweaty Mess

Assuming you are accustomed to trekking all over, you dislike the way that you begin to perspire during your ride. You would rather not appear for work or school a sweat-soaked wreck. With an electric skateboard, this isn't something you need to stress over. You can feel the breeze going by you, keeping you from perspiring during your excursion.

You Will Have a Lot of Fun

Obviously, you should perceive the way that you are likewise living it up while riding an electric skateboard. It's like snowboarding or surfing! Rather than shouting at individuals before you (whether or not you are strolling or driving), just zoom past them on an electric skateboard. Take in the sights, partake in the sun, and unwind for a couple of moments!

Which Electric Skateboard Is Right For You?

BASE CAMP Electric Skateboard

If there’s a model which balances item weight and load capacity, it’s this one, the BASE CAMP Electric Skateboard. Electric skateboards are normally thick because of their electronic parts. But hats off to Base Camp for creating a mini electric skateboard weighing only 5.5kg only.

It can also load a rider as heavy as 220lbs. Therefore, it’s lightweight along with heavy-duty. This skateboard’s 8-layered maple body is an absolute plus. These pieces make the design durable, flexible, and responsive when riding.

Along with an abrasive piece of grip tape, the deck holds the skater’s feet firmly. This e-board becomes safer to ride.

This skateboard imposes safety for the rider but on itself too. Base Camp has this amazing bash guard attached to the skateboard’s end. This strap makes sure that the kicktail is free from scratches and protects the deck from damage.

A lightweight board is already a benefit for many. But to own one with a bag in the package is rare. This skateboard comes with a carrying backpack, making mobility not an issue for its users. 4000 mAh (UL 2272, CE Certified)


Price -  $332

Battery -  4000 mAh (UL 2272, CE Certified)

Wheels - 90 mm x 51 mm, 85A

Motor - 300w Brushless Single Hub Motor

Recharge - 2-4 Hours

Mode - 4 Speed and Brake Mode

Weight - 5.5 Kg/11 lbs

Range- 9 Miles/14.5 Km

Top Speed- 10 Miles / 16 Km Per Hour

Max Load - 100 Kg/220 lbs


  1. 5kg lightweight skateboard that loads a maximum of 220lbs
  2. It comes with eight layers of durable and flexible maple wood
  3. It has an abrasive layer of grip tape for added rider safety
  4. The bash guards that protect the skateboard’s tail
  5. It also comes with a convenient carrying backpack for added mobility. 


    Buy Yourself an Electric Skateboard Now!

    When it comes down to it, the question of whether or not you should buy an electric skateboard will be up to you. But if you’ve gotten this far, you probably are pretty interested in them. So we would say just go for it. Try one of the budget boards we suggested and go take a ride. We hope that after riding your board for the first time, you’ll realize that you made the right decision.

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