Are you looking for the best Electric Skateboard with better customer service facilities, the best discount, and so on? Then Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard will be your best choice.
Now, a question may arise in your mind: How do you believe the Base Camp is best?
No worries! We are here to get you out of this confusion.
In this article, we will talk about the most popular Base Camp Electric Skateboard on Amazon as well as its benefits and buying process. We hope, after diving here you’ll get a positive idea about our Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard.
So, why delay? Let's jump.

Benefits of Using Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard?

Usually people like a skateboard that has better battery support, high load capacity, nice speed, and is lightweight as well.
BASE CAMP F11 Electric Skateboard is popular for its extraordinary speed, great battery capacity, 300w single hub motor, 220 pounds load capacity, lightweight, etc.
From teenagers and young women to grandpas, it only takes 10 minutes to start having fun riding.
You will be surprised to see that it takes only 2-4 hours fully charge. Besides, it comes with a carrying backpack where you can store your phones, remotes, etc.
Moreover, this skateboard is adult-friendly for riding, has eight layers of stable and flexible maple wood, and also significant warranty.
Here are some key features of the BASE CAMP F11 Electric Skateboard:
  • Battery - 4000 mAh (UL 2272, CE Certified)
  • Speed - 16 Km Per Hour 
  • Motor - 300w Brushless Single Hub Motor
  • Deck Length - 74 Centimeters
  • Mode - 4 Speed and Brake Mode
  • Weight - 11 lbs
  • Wheel Size - 90 Millimeters
  • Load Capacity - 220 Pounds

How to Buy BASE CAMP F11 Electric Skateboard Easily?

Now it's time to guide you on how to buy the Base Camp Electric Skateboard the right way.
There are many places where you can take it, but you must consider that you are in the right place. Because by going to the wrong place you can face several problems such as:
  • Duplicate products
  • You may have to pay extra than the real price
  • You can get fewer facilities such as customer service, discounts, or warranty
To avoid this, you have to go to the right place. Now you may think, how? No reason to worry. You will find 2 exact locations.
Just stay with us.

From The Official Website of Base Camp

The safest and best place to purchase BASE CAMP F11 Electric Skateboard is the Official Website of Base Camp (
 Official Website of Base Camp
By purchasing from here you will get some key benefits that you will not get elsewhere, those are:
Lifetime and Live Customer Service
There are differences between customer service and lifetime customer service.
From Amazon, you can get short-time customer service. That may not be helpful to you if you want long-term support or instant support.
On the other hand, you can get lifetime customer service whenever you buy a skateboard from our site. You can also get instant support when you want it.
More Discounts than Amazon
All buyers want to buy a good quality skateboard with a discount. In this case, if you buy it from the official website of Base Camp. Then you will get more discounts than on Amazon.
Sometimes Amazon excludes discount opportunities, but you will find that there are always some discounts on our website.
Long Term Warranty
On Amazon, BASE CAMP F11 Electric Skateboard comes with a warranty of 90-day warranty. If you get it from our official website then you will get 100 days warranty which is really beneficial for you.
Usually, the warranty is applicable for these particular things…
  • Motor not working,
  • ESC not connecting to remote control
  • Not starting normally
Fast shipping from local warehouses
If you ordered from anywhere in the USA it would arrive in approximately 2-6 business days whereas Amazon takes 6-10 days. The most exciting news for you is that you don't have to pay the shipping cost as a USA resident.
Sometimes you may face a little delay to receive the product because of natural disasters, holidays, and other logistics problems.
So why delay? Grab this opportunity.

From Amazon

Another is the very popular Amazon ( It is the world's largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services company.
base camp board
Here you'll find 100k+ 5-star brand reviews on BASE CAMP F11 Electric Skateboard. You will also get to know more details about the product as well as many positive opinions of those who have bought it which will give you a better idea about the product.
Note: If you don't want to get scammed and want to buy the product with, live customer support facilities, exciting discounts, long-term warranty then we suggest you take it from Basecamp's official website.

Customers’ Feedback about Base Camp Electric Skateboard on Amazon

In today's world driven by consumer feedback, product reviews play a significant role in helping buyers feel confident in their purchase decision before completing a sale.
It provides an opportunity for customers to research their purchasing options. It is also a great resource for considering the pros and cons of a product or service.
Customers review are very effective to increase brand awareness and positive perceptions of a product or service.
Likely, we have more than 100K+ 5-star reviews on Amazon about our Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard which gives you an overwhelming and positive impression of our product.
So let's look at some of the important reviews of Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard on Amazon.
reviews of Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard
At the very beginning, the user in the review gave us a nice definition of the board and he called it perfect, safe, good quality, and reliable.
Then he talked about the speed of the board, and its design.
He was attracted by its load capacity, long battery life, and easy charging. According to him, a flexible strip that mounts to the back of the board to prevent it from scratching is the stable speed that gives him the safety to ride it.
He loved the skateboard bag that came with this board. Finally, he considered our Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard to be the best with a 5-star rating compared to others.
5-star rating
This user of ours started his first skateboard ride with our Base Camp Electric Skateboard.
He drove it around his college campus as well as can carry it anywhere in a backpack due to its lightweight and small size, which has attracted him a lot.
In the end, he gave a good opinion of its remote and mentioned that our Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard is a lot of fun to use.
review of f11 electric skateboard
Alison gave us a different review with a 5-star rating. He has given a nice video that will give a practical idea to other users.
He highlighted the user-friendliness of our Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard in his review, saying that several of his family members have tried it, from teenagers to 40+-year-old men.
He liked it for its well-controlled speed, easy use, great battery life, and fast charging.
Base Camp Electric Skateboard for his teenage grandson
 This review is from a grandpa who ordered Base Camp Electric Skateboard for his teenage grandson. He didn't want to use it at first because he had never used a skateboard in his entire life. However, he decided to give it a try after seeing the stability of the board.
According to him, the Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard is easy and smooth and the remote works perfectly as well as the controllability of the brakes is amazing which makes his riding more pleasant and safer.
When he finally returned it to his grandson, he likes it and told him that it was less than his daily school backpack weighs
 lightweight  electric skateboard
Newman is another happy BASE CAMP Electric Skateboard user. She loves it because of its lightweight which makes it easy to carry. Talking about its quality, she says the skateboard is solid and well made, easy to control and maneuver, and great for riding to destinations or just for fun.
She also says it comes with a remote control that's so easy to use that her 10-year-old son was able to quickly figure out how to operate it without even being on a skateboard.
It charges fast and stays charged for a long time. Its wheels are made of rubber and have a strong grip on concrete. The skateboard is also able to ride smoothly over bumps and rough terrain.
Then she said the capacity is great which easily carries her 200-pound husband. It is fun and easy to ride which her whole family enjoyed very much.

Final Thoughts 

Do you care about your planet? BASE CAMP makes it easy for you to show it. Its super speed, great battery, lightweight, huge load capacity, gorgeous design, etc. will make you attracted to it.
There are many resources from which you can buy it. However, the important occurrence is that you will get more benefits if you take it through Base Camp's official site.
So what's stopping you?
Let's make your daily life travel easier with the Base Camp Electric Skateboard.
If you have queries on our Base Camp Electric Skateboard on Amazon, then we highly encourage you to drop your precious comment below.

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