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Before we get started, the first thing we should consider is what to look for in a beginner board.

1. Budget-friendly

The first entry-level beginner board does not need to have very high performance, because you will soon change to a premium board. Perhaps the first board will only be with you for just a few months. Usually, the prices of the first boards are between 200-400 USD should be enough.

2. Easier to Learn

For those who are new to electric skateboards, mini electric skateboards are more friendly, and acceleration will not be as aggressive as longboards. The compact and lightweight design provides better stability and control for beginners.

3. Convenient

Electric skateboards should be able to help you towards a more convenient life. Enable to carry your board around easily instead of needing to drag a bulky board around.

Sums up above, so it can only be a mini electric skateboard. And the price is within $200-400, then only the BASE CAMP F11 




  • $300 - affordable price


  • Compact size - easier to manipulate


  • Lightweight - the lightest mini board in the market on the same price range


  •  Long range in its price range


  • Comes with a portable backpack


  • Can only climb gentle hills (<10°)

F11 is not a good choice for pros, but if you are a beginner or you're looking for a budget board for commuting then this is a very good choice.
With a powerful 300W motor and a range of up to 10 mph, it is enough for beginners or commuting. F11 is the best long-range electric skateboard given other options on the same price range. (Real test data).
Most Recommended ★★★★★

1. Always wear a helmet and other protective gear when riding avoiding serious injury.
2. Find an open, flat area with clean pavement for your first ride.

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