Best Electric Skateboards Under $500 In 2022


There are many board options on the market than you can fathom such as speed, power, price, etc. With so much to consider, choosing the right one is no easy task. How can you find a high-quality board at an affordable price? If your budget is under 500$, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will help you run through the perfect board for your needs.

Price: $299

BASE CAMP F11 was launched in March 2022, but it got an amazing response from the community.

It's very stable with its extra-wide wheels and spacious deck. You will feel very comfortable and confident on this skateboard. The 300-watt motor is more than enough to speed up 220 pounds. It really can go 10 mph, and actually, you may not want to go any faster than that at the beginning. It has four-speed modes, which directly correlates to how fast it takes off. The 90mm PU wheels are able to really absorb the bumps, cracks, gravel, rocks, etc more so than smaller wheels. The manufacturer says that this skateboard is able to go a distance of 9 miles. It can take a 10% grade with no problem, and the anti-slip deck covers the whole board. The backpack is very well made and has a pocket for all your tools and accessories that come with this board. The wheels are removable so you can clean them just like any other skateboard. And the fit and finish are top-notch. For those that want a cheaper, affordable board with great electricity for city commuting.
Key Features: Stable, easy to learn and ride, for commuting, backpack, top-notch fit, and finish, well-made

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2. MEEPO Mini Dual
Price: $299

Who doesn't know Meepo? It's one of the most popular electric skateboard companies on the market. They launched MEEPO Mini Dual on June 1st. This board has 75 mm wheels, 200-watt motors, and a short deck of 70 cm. The 7-layered maple deck is seriously solid and can hold the rider's weight without any problem. It does not flex at all. Some people like a flexible deck, while others don't. The battery at 2,000 mAH gives you a 7-mile range which is more than enough to have a lot of fun.
Overall, it's a budget board for a short commute.
Key Features: Fun to ride, for commuting
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3. Hiboy S11
Price: $249

Hiboy S11 is only 8.3 pounds, how easy it is to carry such a light board. This board has 70mm wheels, a 350-watt motor, deck of 30 inches. The size is about right, not too big or small, but closer to the small size. The battery at 4000mAh gives you a range of up to 9 miles on one charge. It does a good job on a flat surface vs a road or sidewalk. Going up an incline is tough but seems reasonable.
Key Features: Easy to carry, for commuting
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4. Teamgee H5
Price: $449

Unlike the above boards, Teamgee H5 is a longboard. It's pretty fast on its max setting. This board has 90mm wheels, and 380-watt motors, it has a lot of torque. The next thing, rubber wheels are really wide so you can ride over some small stones and some gaps. This board is not really flexible like for example boosted.
Ideal for intermediate skaters with affordable price and ample amount of performance
Key Features: High-performance, pretty fast, easy to ride
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5. Backfire G2 Black
Price: $499

Backfire G2 Black is also a longboard. It has 96mm wheels and 400-watt motors. It can ride up to 12.5 miles on one charge. The eco mode is gentle in acceleration/breaking. The normal mode can kick the board hard but allows you to climb steep hills. It's a good smooth board.
Key Features: Easy to learn, good smooth
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Final Words

So these are the best electric skateboards under USD 500. The sub $500 price tag means it won’t break the bank. We hope you would find that helpful. If you think any board should be on the list that we didn’t cover in this review yet. Please drop them down in the comments below.
Last but not least, you might fall off your electric skateboards and get injured. You will never know. We would highly recommend wearing protective gear, like helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads.

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