Can I Ride My Electric Skateboard in the Rain?


  It's raining outside my office but I've been dealing with data all day and I'm eager to go out on my electric skateboard at the moment, but I know it's not a good idea.

Are electric skateboards waterproof?

The answer is no. Many manufacturers claim that their electric skateboards are waterproof, but they don't tell you that the fact that they are only waterproof in a limited way. Although some electric skateboards' waterproof levels even reached IP65, IP65 only ensures that low-pressure against water jets from any direction, but it's not fully waterproof. But the reality is that conditions on rainy roads are highly variable, and you can't guarantee that a puddle will not appear in front of you, and once the water soaks the bottom of your battery box there is a high probability that water will enter. At that time, you will have to change parts including but not limited to (ESC, battery, charging port, switch on the board, and motor). Yes! It is likely that your electric skateboard in addition to the deck and wheels outside the parts is required to be replaced. Of course, if your electric skateboard is with not non-slip, grippy all-terrain tires, you're most likely to have slipped and fallen before your board gets into the water.

If you have to ride an electric skateboard in the rain?



I'm sure many people like me are warned that you shouldn't electric skateboard in the rain, but few people tell you what to do if you have to ride an electric skateboard in the rain. I will tell you how to avoid having your electric skateboard break down.

1. Don't trust the waterproof rating claims too much. Although companies like BASE CAMP offer 100 days warranty and lifetime technical support for electric skateboard breakdowns, repairs are a long process and can be avoided if possible.

2. Drive slowly because you can't guarantee the road conditions in front of you and avoid road slippery.

What should I do if the electric skateboard is soaked in water? There are a few things you can do to try and save it.

1. Shut down the electric skateboard immediately to prevent a short circuit caused by water.

2. Disassemble the battery box to check, try putting it in the sun or drying it with a low-temperature blow dryer.

3. Check the motor, if you are a belt-driven motor should be checked, hub motors are usually better sealed

4. Remove your bearings, water is likely to cause your bearings to rust, and timely maintenance will minimize this situation, of course, if your bearings have been used for a period of time, it is recommended to directly replace the new bearings

5. If there is a failure to your board, you should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

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