Clear Grip Tape Recommendation

Clear Grip Tape Recommendation

GHOST's carbon fiber deck has a good-looking carbon fiber pattern that does not need too much pattern decoration is already a perfect work of art, so using transparent grip tape will be a very good choice, if you do not know what transparent grip tape you should buy you can refer to this article! It may be helpful for you!


Grit: Coarse 

Size: 9" x 3.25" (pack of 5)

Color: black and clear

Style: cruising/longboard


One of the coolest things about grips is the ability to customize exactly how your board looks and feels when you ride. Many people cut the tape to expose the topside graphics or to create their own designs.

With these clear strips from Mob, there are so many more possibilities for gripping your board.

One pack comes with five 9-inch wide by 3.25-inch long strips of clear tape that you can attach anywhere on the board. Maybe you want grip stripes that run diagonally across the deck, or maybe you just want to grab where you normally place your feet. These strips provide Mob Clear Tape grip quality wherever you need it.

These strips are great for longboards or cruisers, but if you want to try them on a pro deck, go for it! There are no rules on how to assemble a skateboard, so feel free to try this fun product from Mob!


Grit: coarse

Size: 9" x 33"

COLORS: Black and Clear

Style: street/park/vertical


Can't decide between black or clear tape? With the Spitfire Swirl Clear Grip Tape, you don't have to. This grip features a psychedelic swirl design that combines the best of both worlds.

The wavy lines alternate black and clear so it will show off the color of the top layer of the board. If the top layer of your deck is darker in color, the design may not be as striking due to the lack of contrast, but if your top layer is brightly colored, then this grip tape will highlight it nicely!

As far as performance goes, this grip tape is on the rough side. It should be able to handle streets, parks, and even some vertical skating.


Grit: Coarse

Size: 10" x 33"

Color: Clear

Style: street/park/vertical


Like the traditional black Mob Grip Tape, this clear version offers excellent grip, allowing skaters to skate a variety of styles.

The Mob Clear Grip Tape is not absolutely transparent, but you can still clearly see the top graphic of the main plate or any stickers placed under the grip tape.

The Clear Grip is initially rougher than Mob's classic black grip, but it will wear out faster. This is especially true if you perform a lot of flipping tricks. Over time, the area of the deck where you play your tricks will smooth out.

However, if you primarily use the board for transportation or cruising around the park in style, you shouldn't have as much trouble losing grip.



Grit: Fine

Size: 10" x 33"

Color: checkerboard

Style: Street/Park/Vertical


This Opera Skateboards Checkers Black/Clear Grip Tape is so grippy, that you'll have a hard time getting off your board. Formulated with a long-lasting adhesive for optimal sticking, this grip tape is both practical and durable. Be sure to measure your board to make sure this product fits your ride!


No matter what you do on your skateboard, it needs to be secured to the board with tape. Skateboard grip tape provides a layer of grit (such as sandpaper) applied to the top of the board. Its purpose is to help your shoes grip the skateboard and create the traction needed to keep your feet on the board, especially when completing tricks. Grip tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and recently clear grips have become increasingly popular, and for good reason.

Why use clear grip tape?

Clear grip tape offers the same benefits as colored grip tape but with a great added benefit. With more and more board brands releasing boards with increasingly elaborate graphics and designs, who wants to hide them? Clear Grip Tape provides the transparency that allows everyone to see the deck while still providing the necessary traction.


Clear Grip Tape comes in a standard size of 9 inches x 33 inches. This makes it a perfect fit for most sets of decks on the market today. Wider decks or longboards may require larger sheets with different grain size levels.

Wear, Tear, and Cleaning

Skateboarders are becoming more and more attracted to clear grip tape because it provides the same traction as anything else, but also allows them to show off the cool design and graphics of their skateboard. Clear grips last a similar amount of time as other grip tape and are easy to clean.

 To keep clear grip tape on for as long as possible, make sure there is no dirt on your shoes before stepping on the board. Like any grip tape, it has a gritty texture and dirt has the potential to leave unsightly marks. What's more, it also reduces resistance and friction, making skating more difficult.

If you do need to clean clear tape, it's pretty simple. Find a shoe brush or basic cleaning brush and carefully remove the dirt. Stick with it and your tape will thank you.

Once you start to notice that your feet aren't sticking like they used to, you know it's time to replace your cleats. We recommend using a hair dryer to remove the old tape so it can be easily peeled off. Then it's time to apply the new clear tape!

How to apply clear tape on a skateboard

The clear grip trip application is very similar to any other grip tape. If this is your first time using tape, take your time! It can be challenging, but with these few simple steps and tips, you'll be in no time:

  1. Peel off the backing of the gripping tape and bend it into a U-shape to adhere to the board. Apply the gripping tape sparingly to avoid air bubbles. Touch gently when initially placing it on the board.

PRO TIP: Use skateboard wheels to push out air bubbles. If desired, you can also poke a small hole in the bubble with a tape cutter to allow air to escape.

  1. file the cleat tape over the top edge of the deck.
  2. use a razor blade from the bottom side of the clamp tape to attach it to the board.
  3. sand the edges of the board using the remaining cleat blades. This will prevent the grips from flaking off.

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