If you walk around the park in the USA, you will see kids doing all sorts of easy skateboard tricks. If you have a skateboard then you would want to get in on the act and do these tricks as well.
Some of them look really easy and beginner friendly. With a little practice, you will be able to master them and turn yourself into a pro. After that, you can enjoy your leisure time by doing amazing tricks on your skateboard and pass the time.
Want to know about the easy beginner skateboard tricks? Well, we have made a list of some easy skateboard tricks for you to try out. Let's see them, shall we?

Best Easy Skateboard Tricks 

Here are the best easy skateboard tricks you can do as a beginner.

Basic Ollie

When you get the basics down of controlling your skateboard, then it's time to take on some more challenging skateboard tricks.
skateboard tricks
Most skateboarders consider the basic ollie one of the most important beginning tricks because other tricks build on it.
The ollie is when you jump and the skateboard stays with your feet. At first start with a jump by crouching at the knees and popping the tail of your board. That way it stays with your body as you jump, then slide your front foot up to level the board. Keep practicing this and you'll have the ollie down.

180 Ollie

The 180 ollie is the next step after the basic ollie. That is why you need to master that before attempting the 180.
skateboard tricks
In order to execute a 180, you have to start rolling and get into a stance for a basic ollie. Then when you pop the ollie, instead of landing it in the same direction, you need to land in a switch stance. If you can get this trick down and the 180 can eventually lead you to more intermediate tricks.


Well, this technique isn't as much of a trick as an ollie, however, it's another one of those things you need to master for skating on ramps and bowls.
 skateboard tricks
In order to do a drop-in, just balance the tail of your skateboard on the ledge of a ramp or bowl and "drop in," then you have to let your board roll from the momentum.
It can look scary at first, but this technique will help you build your confidence so you can pull off more advanced tricks as you get better.

The Kick Turn

The kick turn makes carving a bit more efficient, especially when you get cruising at quicker speeds.
skateboard tricks
In order to master the kick turn, you have to place one foot at the tail of your skateboard, leaning more weight toward that end. Also, keep your other foot on the front of the board, and as you put your weight on your back foot, the nose of the skateboard should rise up.
And when the nose of your board is just a few inches off the ground, you have to pivot either forward or back. If you want to learn how to do a kickflip, then it can help to know how to execute the kick turn first.


A manual, or pulling a manny, is similar to popping a wheelie on a bike.
In order to do a manual, you have to pop the front of your board so that you're rolling on the back two wheels. You don't need to ride a manny for long, but rolling along several feet is a good way to boost your balancing abilities.
skateboard tricks
Practice a run at the nearest skate park with this trick to build up your skills enough to incorporate it with hop tricks like the hippie jump.

Ride Switch

Technically, riding switch isn't a trick per se, but it's one of those techniques that you should have mastered because you'll need it as you build up to more advanced skateboard tricks.
The riding switch is just skating with the opposite footing than you usually do. For example, if you typically have your left foot in front and pump with your right, a riding switch would mean you have your right foot in the front and you're pumping with your left.
 skateboard tricks
If you master this ability and you open the door to tons of tricks that build on this technique.

The Fake Kick Turn

The fakie kick turn is, as you can guess from the name, kick turning while riding in the fakie stance.
So when you want to do a fakie kick turn on flat ground, you have to first ride at a comfortable speed in the fakie position.
This means the front foot is placed on the nose of the board with the back foot around the bolts.
Since you will ride a fakie, this will have to be in your opposite stance.
skateboard tricks
But this is technically not a riding switch since your front foot is on the nose in the popping position. When your feet are positioned correctly, you will turn your shoulders frontside and lift the back wheels off of the ground. From there, you complete the 180-degree turn and return the wheels back to the surface. You will be then riding away in your normal stance.

The Tic-Tac

The Tic-Tac includes f several back-and-forth kicks turns that rotate you in a few degrees so that when you're pushing yourself forward with small, side-to-side turns. Carving with smaller Tic-Tacs will get you to apply more force to the ground, which will propel you forward, resulting in giving you more speed and momentum.

The Boardslide

skateboard tricks

This is another trick you can start practicing when you have mastered your jumps, kick turns, and ollies.
You will need a rail or ledge for this trick. In order to execute this easy skateboard trick, you have to get rolling to build up momentum as you approach a rail. Then, you have to use an ollie to hop onto the railing so that the middle of your board sits on the rail. You will be landing in the center between the trucks. Then slide down the rail.

Rock to Fakie

Rock to fakie is a slightly advanced trick that you can practice when you're ready to shred on a ramp or ledge.
To pull off this beginner skateboarding trick, you will need to be riding at a decent speed up the side of a bowl or ramp. When you get to the top, let your front trucks pass over the lip, so you're balancing on the edge. Then, you have to just roll back down, but ride switch instead of your regular footing.
You can practice these easy beginner skateboard tricks to become a master at skateboarding and go for more professional tricks in the later stage.

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skateboard tricks


    Start Learning Cool Skateboard Tricks


    So we have made the list of the best easy skateboard tricks for you to try out. But you have to remember, at first get your basics down.


    That means you have to control your skateboard fully. Ride on it comfortably. If you are awkward at riding your skateboard, then you won't be able to learn these tricks. And these easy beginner skateboard tricks will feel difficult for you.
    And if you have any questions, do let us know in the comment section.

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