Looking for the best electric skateboard brands in the USA? Well, we have got you covered.
There are many brands that provide electric skateboards in the USA. However, if you don’t know the background history of all these brands, how are you going to find the best one? Also, if you are spending hundreds of dollars on a skateboard, why not put it in the right place?
That is why we are going to list the most popular electric skateboard brands in the USA. Then you can find the best one for you and buy your chosen skateboard. Let’s get started.

Best Electric Skateboard Brands in the USA: Basecamp

One of the most popular electric skateboard brands in USA, Basecamp has made its mark on the industry by creating skateboards that are well-balanced and user-friendly. Their skilled team is always trying to come up with new designs and development all the time.
Take a look at their electric skateboard, shall we?
Most electric skateboards are normally thick because of their electronic parts. But hats off to Base Camp to create a mini electric skateboard weighing only 5.5kg.
 Base camp electric skateboard in USA
Launched in 2022, the skateboards can also carry a rider as heavy as 220lbs. It’s lightweight along with heavy-duty. Also, the skateboard’s 8-layered maple body is also an absolute plus. These pieces make the design durable, flexible, and responsive when riding.
Alongside a rough piece of grasp tape, the deck holds the skater’s feet immovably. This e-board becomes more secure to ride.
This skateboard forces well-being for the rider yet on itself as well. Headquarters had this astonishing slam monitor join the skateboard’s end. This lash guarantees that the kick tail is liberated from scratches and safeguards the deck from harm.
A lightweight board is already a benefit for many. But to own one with a bag in the package is rare. The skateboard comes with a carry-on backpack, making mobility not an issue for its users.
They offer 2-6 business days shipping all over the United States. Their Electric Skateboard Comes with 100 Days Warranty. The warranty covers all the defects that are caused by BASE CAMP. They are responsible for diagnosing and sending free parts until the board is fixed. Also, the shipping fee for replacement will be included in the warranty.

Best Electric Skateboard Brands in the USA: TeamGee

TeamGee is one of the few brands that specialize entirely in electric skateboards. Normally they started out as manufacturers of electrical components, and the brand quickly expanded into the e-mobility sector.
At first, TeamGee offered hoverboards, escooters, and unicycles before deciding to commit to electric skateboards. The team behind this brand currently has many more boards in development. They are also developing new components like an electric booster drive to further improve their models.
Their product contains 6 models to choose from, each individually priced and clearly of great build quality. Their high-performance eBoards have the necessary spares/accessories, with warehouses in both the U.S. and Europe. This helps TeamGee to operate on a near worldwide level, resulting in rapid shipping times of just 2-7 days for these regions.
All boards come with 3 months of warranty extending to free repairs for defective components
Having entered the electric skateboard market in 2016, TeamGee has quickly established itself as a serious competitor and a reputable brand.

Best Electric Skateboard Brands in the USA: Atom Longboards

Established in 2005, Atom Longboards is one of the oldest eBoard brands in operation. From starting out with traditional longboard models, they quickly saw potential and branched out into the eBoard industry.
Their team vows a clear commitment to their customers, prioritizing value for money and user experience above all else. They also balance a superb level of quality control, offering returns and repairs alongside a huge number of spare parts and accessories from their website.
The brand has been producing some of the best traditional and electric longboards available on the market. Currently, the Atom All-Terrain longboard is one of Amazon’s top-rated skateboard models in the US.
With such confidence in the quality of their boards, Atom includes a warranty of up to 30 days for all traditional longboards. This is further stretched to 6 months for all products.
The brand operates internationally and ships to nearly all corners of the globe. Only orders over $75 within the U.S. will enjoy free ground shipping.
However, even after the outstanding quality of these boards, Atom still manages to sell them at highly affordable prices, between $499-$899 for their electric range.

Best Electric Skateboard Brands in the USA: Meepo

Meepo is another brilliant electric skateboard brand that belongs on this list. This company design manufactures and stocks a variety of electric skateboard models, from mini boards to longboards—all of which utilize high-quality bamboo, fiberglass, or Canadian maple and offer good performance for the price.
These electric boards are mostly made for commuters and boast brilliant build quality. They maintain high standards in their quality control, also they claim that their ‘V3 model has the “lowest defect rate on the market”.
The purchases include a 6-month warranty for boards and 3 months for any parts bought separately.
Meepo also claims to have the most “thought through” designs on the market. This is due to their dedicated R&D team, which is composed of DIY eBoard builders with a genuine passion for riding.
Meepo also builds and inspects every single unit in-house, instead of contracting with a manufacturer. This statement alone puts their effort towards quality control above most other brands on the market. This includes a huge host of spare parts, replacements, and accessories for their boards, allowing customers to repair or upgrade their rides themselves.

Best Electric Skateboard Brands in the USA: MaxFind

With the aim to make commuting “easy and fun”, Maxfind was founded in 2015 by a group of engineers and designers. Their team quickly got to work on developing a new generation of hub motors for skateboards.
This new strapless hub motor was a world first and was implemented into the ‘MAX A’ model. When they launched, Maxfind became a best-seller in China and has since received many positive reviews. They have produced many more models since then, including electric longboards, mini boards, and even the “Max One” for kids.
All of these boards offer excellent performance for their price and come with a generous 270-day warranty. Not only this, but Maxfind operates nearly worldwide, with free shipping from the U.S., CA, AU, and the EU. They also stock an extensive range of spare parts & accessories, so repairing or upgrading is easy.
What we most appreciate about this brand is its commitment to technology and innovation, producing its own hub-drive and skateboard designs in-house. We can’t wait to see more designs from this brand in the future. View their full eBoard range now.

Best Electric Skateboard Brands in the USA: Backfire Boards

This brand is founded by two long-time skaters, Backfire Boards was born in 2009. They deliver “high quality, affordable skateboards” and fun to skateboarders worldwide.
One of the great aspects of this brand is the involvement both founders, including the expertise they share.
It’s very hard to find a company run by genuine skaters. They have warehouses in Germany, Canada, Australia, China, and the USA, allowing for shipping to almost any corner of the globe.
This brand offers a great range of high-performance boards, including all-terrain and commuting/compact models. All purchases include a “worry-free” 180-day warranty protecting against any defects.
The company also stocks accessories for each of its models, including battery packs and wheels. Their collection mostly consists of longboards, but an alternative ‘Backfire Mini‘ model is also available.
Prices for these boards range from $400-$1100, which is surprisingly affordable considering the performance they offer.
Best Electric Skateboard Brands in the USA: Exway
This brand was founded in 2016 by two extreme sports enthusiasts. Exway stands by its ethos of being “born for freedom”. The team strives to offer the “coolest, safest, and most convenient vehicles” for short trips, making them a great fit in the PLEV industry.
They offer a limited yet refined range of 5 board models, including mini and longboard designs. Most of their boards come with worldwide shipping, 6-months of warranty—and more importantly, customer support, which is rare from any other brand.
While they offer a good enough selection, we feel that the price point of the ‘Atlas Carbon-4WD’ does not match the performance offered. Most models utilize carbon fiber and remain very lightweight, maintaining good speed and power.


1. Is electric skateboarding legal in the US?
Ans: Yes. You can ride an electric skateboard on any road with a speed limit under 25 mph and your maximum speed also cannot exceed that limit.
2. How much is a US electric skateboard?
Ans: Many of us are wondering how much does an electric skateboard cost? An electric skateboard costs from $200 to several thousand dollars.
3. How long do electric skateboards last?
Ans: 1-3 years.


So, now you know the best electric skateboard brands in the USA. Choose the best one for you after reading the whole article and enjoy your ride throughout the city.
If you have any queries do ask.
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