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  The deck of an electric skateboard is a very important part of what makes up an electric skateboard, and many people will only consider what the specs and price are like when they are thinking about purchasing an electric skateboard; the deck of a skateboard is just the part that you stand on when you ride, but it's so much more than that.

Long & Short Boards



  STABILITY: Because electric longboards are wider and longer, they offer a very stable ride provide better control on descents, and have a wide wheelbase; the wider the wheelbase the more stable the board. However, a wider wheelbase also means a larger turning radius.

  In general, you should choose a narrow wheelbase that you feel comfortable with to maximize turning ability


  Comfort: electric longboards have longer boards, which help absorb some of the vibrations created while riding, especially on rough terrain.


  Long range: the larger and wider deck of the longboard can fit a larger battery box, which means more batteries can be installed.


  Flexibility: The shorter deck and narrower wheelbase provide more flexibility in turning, and a portion of the shortboard deck is designed with a kicker that allows you to achieve 360-degree turns in place.


  Portable: The small size of the deck can be carried with one hand and placed on a desk or in the trunk of your car, so if you're looking for a vehicle for short trips, this could be the perfect choice!


What is a Kicktail?


 Base Camp Boards has always specialized in making electric skateboards with kicktail, and when you look at a regular skateboard, you'll see kicktail on both ends. Their purpose is to allow you to lift one end of the skateboard off the ground so you can jump curbs, make quick turns, tail brake, and do stunts.

  kicktail boards are great for riding or cruising around town. The best kicktail board for electric skateboards is a kicktail board without a nose. This means that the front trucks are as close to the front of the skateboard as possible. This will ultimately help minimize the size of the skateboard while giving you a usable kicktail deck. Kicktail decks are usually on the stiff side and are not as soft kicktail board as other decks The motor has to be front mounted, which limits the size of the motor you can use.



Wheel Pods/Cuts

  Wheel chambers and cutouts prevent wheel bite. (When your wheels rub against the deck and throw you off the board.) . Because we do use much larger wheels than traditional longboards.
  A good cutout design will keep your feet as close to the truck as possible. The closer your feet are to the truck, the more responsive the controls will be.


  The flat skateboard board provides extra room for your feet on the board. This is perfect for doing many tricks as well as boardwalking.

  A flat deck is a very bad idea in electric skateboards and you will find it difficult to find footholds.

  The Convex Board has an upward arching deck which is quite different from other decks. This provides a more instinctive foot placement for the rider, which is ideal for skaters who enjoy speed riding. They are less common than most other boards.

  But it's not much of a favorite in the electric skateboards world.


  The radial shape is the most common of all deck shapes. It has a distinct U-shaped curve. The depth of the curve may vary between decks. All types of skaters prefer this deck shape because its concave surface provides you with a better grip. This comes in handy for all kinds of skateboarding.


  The tapering shape is basically a stronger adjustment to the radial concave surface. Due to the wider base and railing walls, using this type of decking gives a safer feel.


  A flat or basin concave is a guide rail that extends from the deck and is at an angle. Flat holes are much like radiused boards but without the subtle curvature. You may feel more energy transfer, but the overall tub board makes for an easier ride.


  W Concave is similar to regular Concave in many ways. Its main function is to help keep your feet on the board. It does give you a lot of grip. It can be described as having two concaves side by side. The W Concave feature can be a bit pricey. It is found on some very expensive boards.

  Some people say that the W concave gets in the way of kicking. For electric skateboards, this is not something we need to worry about!


  Asymmetrical concave surfaces elevate the deck rails at different angles, ultimately powering the rider through the heel. Ideal for skaters who like to make multiple turns or make a lot of entries and exits.

Plate Flexure

  When it comes to different plate flexes, there are many different levels of flex. Flex depends on the material used and the number of layers.

  While more flex means better shock absorption, it can be unstable at high riding speeds as the deck can become like a trampoline and drop you off the board.

  A stiff deck is great for stability at top speeds. However, it does not perform well on rough surfaces. You will feel everything.


  Thin layers of wood pressed tightly together to make a longboard deck are called laminates.

  Instead of using a solid piece of wood, many manufacturers choose to create ultra-strong boards by layering wood in a cross-grain pattern. Most boards have no more than 9 layers.

  A typical skateboard is closer to 7 layers.

  Thenumber of plies obviously affects the curved profile of the deck.


  There is a curve in the length of the board that determines the feel of the board and the type of riding you do on the board.

  A longboard with a raised center is known as a curved longboard, and a longboard with a concave center is known as a rocker longboard.

The angle is very subtle but still affects how much the deck flexes.

  While camber and curvature seem to be popular, rocker decks have some important benefits. The obvious advantage is a lower ride height and a more stable ride.

  Secondly, the rocker curve gives the feet a boost during acceleration and deceleration, making shifting more comfortable.

Deck Material

  Of course, there are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a deck material.


  Maple is a common material used in many woodworking projects due to its grain pattern. This makes it a popular choice for skateboardboards. Maple is known for standing the test of time, which means it is very strong and reliable. It can withstand even the toughest skateboard rides.


Bamboo is a popular material for many items due to its lightweight and flexibility, making it especially suitable for skateboarding. A bamboo skateboard is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a commuter and cruising skateboard. It is lightweight and a breeze to carry.

Carbon Fiber

The most expensive material for skateboards is also the best material for decks and is usually used for professional speed or AT boards. The only full carbon fiber KICKTAIL board is the GHOST™, which is also the fastest KICKTAIL board in the world.


Good for technique, moving around, versatility


  • curved (flexy, lively carve)
  • Thin
  • Light
  • symmetrical
  • double tail fins

Free rides

Rides a lot of hills and a lot of slides, incorporating other styles like downhill.

Features: (many similarities to speed riding)

  • pretty stiff (9-ply/composite fiberglass maple)
  • symmetrical (for riding switches)
  • Long wheelbase (20-30 inches)
  • has foot pockets/landings



The primary goal is to maximize speed and maintain control.


  • Stiff (stable)
  • Long wheelbase (25-30 inches)
  • Good concave


Cruising/carving longboard deck

Easy to maneuver longboard gets you from point A to point B. Not designed with tricks or jumps in mind.


  • Flex (shock absorption, lively flex feel, improved responsiveness)
  • camber


Off-Road Board Deck

When you're off-roading, you need a sturdy deck.

The Trampa deck is one of the most popular decks used in DIY off-road builds.

Made from a thermal composite of reinforced glass and plastic, it's a sturdy set of decks that can stand up to abuse.

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