Looking to learn more about electronic skateboard remote controls? Well, you are at the right place.

Electric skateboards are very easy to use. You just have to get your balance right, stand on top of the board and ride the board to your destination. Sounds like any other normal skateboard right? Well, not exactly.

Other than some extra features, electric skateboards have remote controls as well. You can control where you are going by controlling the handheld remote. Today we are going to take a closer look at the remote controls that come with electric skateboards or you can buy an extra as well.

Let's start will,

What Are Electronic Skateboard Remote Controls?

Electric skateboards are all the trend now because they have an innovative, fast, and budget-friendly means of local transportation. However, for all that to advertise able, we have to rely on an ergonomic, high-quality, functional remote control.

While your feet may tilt the board from side to side in order to turn, it’s the remote control that helps control the acceleration and braking of the board.

With speeds ranging between 10 and 30 mph, holding that remote in your hand helps you ride your electric skateboard with ease and confidence. It also makes the boards much safer when you know you can hit the brakes anytime you want, and the board will actually stop when you need it to.

How do Electric Skateboard Remote Controls Function?

In order to understand how electronic skateboard remote controls work, you need to understand its parts.

As one of the vital components of an electric skateboard is the remote. With it, you can choose to accelerate, slow down, and stop.

Here’s a quick overview of the different parts that have to work together in synchronization for the remote, and ultimately, the electric skateboard itself to operate.


Inside every electric skateboard is a little processor, similar to the one you have inside your PC or smartphone.

This processor resembles the cerebrum of the whole effort. It associates the battery to the engine, as well regarding the underlying regulator on the board, known as the Electronic Speed Regulator (ESC).

Electronic Speed Controller or ESC

The regulator estimates the place of the choke on the board. As indicated by how the ESC on your board is arranged, you'll have the option to push the choke ahead and in reverse. You'll likewise have the option to accelerate, dial back, and hit the brakes for a stand-still, all with the dash of a button on your remote.

Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver

There are Bluetooth modules in the remote and the ESC so they can speak with one another. They are continually sending data to and fro so any development in the thumbwheel of the remote is perceived by the ESC and shipped off the engines. All inside milliseconds. At times, the ESC likewise sends data to the far off which gets shown on a little screen so you can see information like speed, distance, and battery levels.

So that you know how electronic skateboard remote controls works, you need to know what to look for when you are buying one.

Things to Look Out for When Buying an E-Skateboard Remote

Before buying a new, or used, electric skateboard remote for your e-board, check these factors below.


The latency is the speed in which your electric skateboard responds to movements of the thumbwheel on your remote.

The minimum the better. You don’t want to apply the acceleration on your remote, only to feel the motors move a second later.

Humans are very susceptible to latency and can notice delays in milliseconds. Most of the time, this isn’t going to be an issue, but if you do find that there is some lag, experiment with a new remote.

Easy-to-Use Features

The clearest controllers have buttons and choke to assist with changing rate and development. However, you really want substantially more than that when you're out riding. For instance, it'll be convenient to know the situation with the board's battery. Realizing how quickly you're going can likewise be useful. There are likewise some e-skateboards that accompany their own special versatile application. You can utilize it to match up between the remote, the board, and your telephone for a profoundly definite ride.

Ergonomic Design

You'll grasp the distance the whole time you're riding your e-load up. Consequently, it's wise to pick a plan that is both convenient and ergonomic. Evaluate a few models and see which one feels greater. Likewise, we suggest you get a cord. This string-like connection secures the distant around your wrist to keep it from breaking assuming that it drops out of your hand. Furthermore, you'll be left abandoned on a moving skateboard with practically no method for slowing down.


Preferably, search for controllers that include durable packaging. This can assist with safeguarding the remote against knocks and drops. It'll likewise assist with saving the distant in ideal working conditions for longer. In any case, you'll be unable to find a rough remote in light of the fact that most these days are simply efficiently made plastic controllers.

Types of Remote Controls

So we have made a list of the best electronic skateboard remote controls for you to choose from. Here they are.


This is one of the best remote control on the market right now. It has 4-speed modes, 4 brake modes, and smooth control.

In order to pair it with the skateboard, just follow 4 steps,

Step 1: Turn on the board

Step 2: Press and hold the power button of your board for about five to ten seconds, until it starts

blinking, so it means the skateboard is in pairing mode

Step 3: Turn on your remote

Step 4: Use a paper clip or something skinny or something like that and press the pairing button on the remote( it's a little hole near the back). Don't press it for a long time just one little hard press. When paired both the board and remote signal indicator will begin to blink in unison and then you're set!

VX2 Pro remote

What we love about the VX2 is that it has an accurate display of your speed and you can easily track the mileage. In addition, cruise control mode keeps your thumbs from getting tired while enjoying riding.

VX1 remote

The VX2 is considered to be quite similar to the Boosted remote, however it is significantly smaller in size and has no deadman switch. Although the price of this product is not too high, it is very well used in DIY builds and high-end production boards thanks to its robust receiver.

Hoyt Pucks

This is something that makes telemetry profoundly appreciated in the esk local area because of brilliant beneficiaries will bounce stations and stay away from unexpected detachments while going in packed places as well as high-signal regions.

The round plan fits the hand of most skateboarders. In any case, there are certain individuals who could do without this plan. Hoyt Pucks has resellers exchange shells for individuals who could do without its ergonomics to transform it to suit the client's inclination.

How much does an electric skateboard remote control cost?

The price of remotes can vary depending on different skateboard brands. A Ling Yi remote can cost around 50 dollars while Hobbywing costs around 90 dollars. 

Those who own Evolve boards must have to pay up to 150 dollars for a remote and have no choice of other alternatives. If you own a Boosted board, you will have to purchase replacements from community members such as Boosted USA or The Boosted Guys. The cost of each replacement Boosted Board remote can be up to $ 300.

But if you are looking for the best price with the highest quality, then you can buy the BASE CAMP Remote, which comes for $39,60 only.


Electronic skateboard remote controls are an integral part of an electric skateboard. So, you have to take care of them. Without an electric skateboard remote, you won’t be going anywhere.

Try to take care of it, as finding a replacement can be hard. But if in the unfortunate event that something does happen to your remote, you can rest assured that there is a way to get a new one.

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