Has The Electric Skateboard Changed Your Life?

Has The Electric Skateboard Changed Your Life?

Somewhere in the late 40's or 50's the first skateboard was born in the world, and in late 1997 Louie Finkle introduced the world to electric skateboards, which are 26 years until today, June 15, 2023.


Electric skateboards come into your view

Although electric skateboards have a history of nearly 26 years, you'd be surprised to know that you only noticed them a few years ago, because the first electric skateboards were very expensive and not affordable. In 2012, Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen, and Matthew Tran launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise $100,000 to develop their electric skateboard. The campaign far exceeded that goal, so they formed Boosted Boards and began building and selling their 12-pound electric skateboard that could reach speeds of up to 20 mph. Although the Boosted Boards have now been acquired and are no longer the real Boosted Boards, one has to admit that this is a historic benchmark.

One of the best modern modes of transportation

From the first gas-powered skateboard in 1975 to the first real electric skateboard in 1997, the electric skateboard has become one of the environmentally friendly travel options that have changed the way people travel around the world. It is an environmentally friendly, convenient, and economical choice, which has led to the popularity of electric skateboards and the sport of riding electric skateboards around the world.

BASE CAMP BOARDS: We are evolving

We have been committing to providing a more convenient way to get around and making electric skateboards a way for everyone to get around. We're providing riders with an environmentally friendly, low-cost, and convenient way to commute to cities and college campuses. Urban commuters can bring along their board charger, ride their electric skateboard to the train, put it in their backpack when they get on the train, and charge it when they arrive at their destination. On top of that, the fact that you no longer have to kick and push yourself to your destination.

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