How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go

Skateboards have gotten an upgrade with their motored setups. If you are an admirer of speed skating, you can now easily get a hold of the craft with electric skateboards. There are many variations of electric skateboards available in the market, and each one comes with its own speed adjustments.

If you are thinking about how fast do electric skateboards go, there is no fixed answer as a lot of factors are involved. But at the massive speed range of about 22-68 mph, electric skateboards are faster than the speed of your average road bike.

Several factors determine the speed of electric skateboards, as outlined below.   


Factors That Determine the Speed of Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards come with motors that provide adequate power for daily commutes. Here’s a list of some factors that can determine the speed of your electric skateboard.


  • Motor

This is the main heart of an electric vehicle. With skateboards, you have to check the motor to see how much power it can harness. Powerful motors make electric skateboards go faster. Check the motor power and quality before purchasing one.


  • Riders’ Weight

The riders’ weight accounts for the rideability of the electric motor. It is essential to buy a skateboard that can support your weight.

This is why you shouldn’t buy a skateboard by seeing another skater. If you do, make sure that you check their weight.

For example, your friend who weighs 60 kilos will go fast on their own skateboard, but if you weigh 80 kilos, your top speed on the same skateboard will not match theirs.

So, when buying an electric skateboard, check the weight range that accommodates best.


  • Battery Power

The battery runs your motor. As such, the power of the motor alone does not do justice to your judgment. Powerful motors will be futile without a battery that cannot transfer enough power to it.


  • Controller

Every electric motor comes with a controller. The mechanism of controller is responsible for controlling your skateboard’s driving capacity.

A good controller is an essential accessory that facilitates the battery and the motor to deliver optimal performance.  


  • Size of the Wheels

The wheels that carry you and your electric board have to be strong enough. Wheels with a bigger diameter have a lower RPM value.

This is simply because smaller wheels can make more revolutions per minute than bigger wheels.

Think about the diameter of the wheels of your electric skateboard. If you get skateboards with bigger wheels, you can still have a good speed, but the motor will have to work harder to keep it turning.

To help you make better decisions with the wheels, here are some relatable perspectives that will make your understanding better.

Big wheels will give you a very high top speed, but they will be more difficult to manage as they come with slower rates of acceleration and torque.

Comparatively, smaller wheels will give you a low top speed, but the fun is in the high acceleration rates due to fast torque.

If you are looking for off-road skateboards, there are specific ones that come with wheels designed to roll in all types of terrains.

Although off-road skateboards have relatively low top speeds due to the drag, your experience in uneven terrains will be much easier and smoother with such special wheels that provide necessary riding comforts.  


  • Remote Controls

Electric skateboards come with a remote controller that accommodates different speeds and performance levels.

You will see buttons that lend an Eco mode or Beginner mode to best suit your skills and requirements. Advanced settings such as Sport, Pro, or beast modes are also available for operation through the remote.

Choose as per your preference, and enjoy your skating experience at the best of comfort, speed, and reliability.


  • Charge and Voltage Adjustments

Check out the amount of charge your skateboard can provide you at specific speeds.

The fact of the matter is that when you go faster, the skateboard will be using up more energy, and hence it will be discharging at a faster rate.

You will need a skateboard with good charging and voltage metrics to maintain a good top speed for a considerably long period of time.

 Here are a few electric skateboards that are super in trend right now. These are the fastest skateboards in the market and are incredibly reliable as well.  


Name of Skateboards

Speed (mph)

NGV Nextboard

22 - 68 mph

Bioboards Thorium X

40 – 48 mph


34 - 45 mph

Aeboard AE2

29 mph

Fiik Spine

30 mph

Enertion Raptor 2.1

28 mph

Lacroix DSS50+

33 mph

Meepo NLS Pro

32 mph

Eskating Dual Beast Evo

34 mph

Exway X1 Pro

29 mph


Should You Consider an Electric Skateboard?

Like all things, electric skateboards come with their own pros and cons.

Electric skateboards can go at incredible speeds that are very convenient if you are in a hurry. They also feel more stable due to the placement of the battery. Also, can anyone deny the pleasures of getting on a board and not having to control it manually?

Although this all sounds amazing, there are some drawbacks. Electric skateboards are heavier than those that come without motors. These boards need regular charging, but charging the boards alone doesn’t suffice - the remote needs to be charged separately as well.

In addition to this, it gets a bit more hassle-worthy to carry around a heavy electric skateboard if you are accustomed to using a normal skateboard. Last but not least, with great power comes great responsibility - with great speed comes greater risks.



As you can see, electric skateboards can offer great speed. But if you are a pro skater, it will be much easier for you to control your electric skateboard with only a few tries.

Beginners are also encouraged to use electric skateboards due to the special aspect of motorized skating.

However, if you are a beginner at the skill, remember to handle your electric skateboard with a lot of care and caution. Start at responsible speeds, and gradually build your way up to use the top speed controls as you gain more confidence on your motored board of wheels.  


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