Electric skateboards have revolutionized the skateboarding community. Not only are they easy to learn, but also they let the skateboarder easily make longer commutes.

However, there is a caveat. You can only ride a particular amount of distance with a full charge.

But how long does an electric skateboard battery last?

The batteries of electric skateboards can offer you around 20 miles of range after a full charge. And the lifespan of electric skateboard batteries is between three to five years.

But is that all that you need to know regarding e-skateboard batteries? Well, there's more insight and factors that can certainly help you.

And you can learn about all of them by continuing to read.


What Determines the Range of Electric Skateboard Batteries?

The range of the skateboard batteries depends on the capacity. That is, the higher the battery capacity, the more the range you can travel with a single charge.

However, the battery's capacity only determines the range of the e-skateboard. It does not have any relationship with acceleration or speed.

So, there are three main factors that you need to know about skateboard batteries -


1. Capacity

As mentioned earlier, the first one is capacity. It basically states the total electricity for electrochemical reactions inside the cell. And it is mainly expressed as ampere hours.

2. Voltage

On the other hand, you have the voltage. It refers to the electrical potential of the cell. And the higher the voltage of the battery, the faster the skateboard will be able to go.

3. Discharge Rate

Finally, you have the discharge rate. It indicates how much current the cell can provide. And the standard unit for the discharge rate is Amps.

Now, the higher the discharge rate, the more capable the skateboard will be in acceleration. In other words, the electric skateboard will accelerate quickly if the battery has a high discharge rate.


What Determines the Lifespan of Electric Skateboard Batteries?

The lifespan of the battery primarily depends on the chemistry. And if you did not know yet, most manufacturers rely on two types of electric skateboard batteries.

The type mainly depends on the chemistry that the cell relies on.


Lithium-ion Batteries

You will find these cells in most of the high-end and modern electric skateboards. And in comparison to the other type of batteries, lithium-ion batteries cost higher.

However, with the increase in cost, they bring a good number of advantages to the table. Have a look -

  • First of all, lithium-ion batteries are lighter. That makes the skateboard have a minimal amount of weight.
  • Secondly, these batteries have a higher lifespan. The typical lifespan is about five years.
  • Finally, this type of battery has better safety protections and can offer constant power.


Lead Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are mostly found on old electric skateboards. As you might have guessed, these batteries are cheaper than lithium-ion batteries.

However, that is the only significant advantage lead-acid batteries can bring to the table. The drawbacks you'll have to face with these batteries are -

  • Lead-acid batteries are heavier and larger in size.
  • They typically do not have good protection circuits.
  • And finally, they do not last long. Generally, these cells are known to last about three years.


How Does Maintenance Affect the Lifespan of the Skateboard Batteries?

Maintenance plays a vital role in the lifespan of skateboard batteries. And when it comes to maintaining the battery of skateboards, there is really not much you have to do.


Choose a Safe Storage

Simple steps can go a long way. One of the maintenance tips for skateboard batteries is to store them in an adequate place. Do not keep your skateboard battery in a place where the temperature is exceptionally high or low.


Charge It Routinely

Charge it accordingly when you are using the skateboard regularly. It is a good practice to let the cells drain out completely.

The battery's internal resistance increases, eventually losing its maximum capacity.

When you are not using the skateboard for a long time, make sure to charge it from time to time. Even if you do not discharge the battery, the cell will self-discharge. This discharge rate is anywhere from 3 to 5 percent per month. 

If you do plug it into the wall from time to time, the battery will eventually drain all the juice and sit empty.

And as you know, a complete discharge is not good for batteries.

Finally, use the right charger to charge the electric skateboard. Check the charging rate and the voltage required.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Battery of an Electric Skateboard?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $700 to replace the battery of your electric skateboard.

It will basically depend on the type of battery that your board has and it's model.

For example, lead-acid batteries are the cheapest. They can be found for around $100. On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries are the most expensive, sitting at around $700. And the others are in between this price range.

And do note that the e-skateboards with the lithium-ion battery will cost more than those with a lead-acid battery.


Final Words

So, how long does an electric skateboard battery last? The range of the e-skateboards is around 20 miles with a fully charged battery.

And the electric skateboard batteries have about three to five years of lifespan. It basically boils down to the type of battery you have on the skateboard.


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