Repair of electric skateboards,ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD REPAIR

From the feedback we received, we found that the reasons are such as improper use (skateboard was run over by a car) or ride in the puddles/rain/snow, more is their own modification failed, of course, these problems are normally not in company warranty. You need to contact the technical team to diagnose and buy the parts. But as we deal with the problems our customers encounter, we find that the biggest problem is not the inability to repair their electric skateboards, most of the parts can be replaced. Rather, many people don't know where their electric skateboards are malfunctioning and may just tell our technical team that their skateboards stop moving!!! (Of course not your electric skateboard is hungry). In order to help resolve the problem, we highly recommend telling our technical team exactly where the problem is located and the reason occurs. The more you tell us, the more we can help.
What are the reasons for these problems and what to do if your electric skateboard doesn't work? In this article, we will give examples of some common issues and how to fix them.

① Your electric skateboard won't turn on
② Your electric skateboard accelerates very slow
③ Your truck makes a squeaky noise
④ Your remote does not work


How to identify and solve these problems?


Board won't turn on
Check the battery level of the skateboard, if the charger won't charge properly, it may be charger has a short circuit. Change a new charger. If the charger and board indicator is working properly when charging but the skateboard battery does not hold a charge for 24 hours, it is most likely the battery is broken, you need to contact the technical team to help further diagnose.
The truck makes a squeaky noise
Check to see if your bearings are rusty, if you have not cleaned them in time after the ride on a rainy day or in a puddle there is a chance that your bearings are rusty. If the above is no problem, you need to adjust the screws on your truck shocks.
Poor acceleration and speed
If your electric skateboard has been used for a while it should be the battery to deteriorate normally, you need to replace a new battery. If you just bought the skateboard you need to contact the company you bought it from to determine if it is a problem with the settings.
Remote does not work
It may be out of battery or the connection to the board is having problems. If it's the connection, you could try to re-pair your electric skateboard remote. If the problem still exists, it's likely a problem with your ESC and you need to contact the technical team to help further diagnosis.

Others problems

Electric skateboard suddenly brake/accelerate
The common problem that most people encounter. Because the most remote on the market is 2.4 GHz, which easily to be interfered with by other signals and the environment. The problem can normally be solved by re-pairing your remote.

Unstable speed
Most skaters will encounter this problem, you can solve this problem by changing your center of gravity, you just need a correct and comfortable riding position.

The truck and wheels aren't aligned
You can fix this yourself at home, but measure carefully before realigning. If you keep it for a long time, not only the truck and wheels but also the underside of the deck will be damaged and you will eventually need to buy new parts.

We will encounter many problems when skateboarding. It's very important to choose a brand with good after-sales service. BASE CAMP provides reliable affordable electric vehicle supply with great customer service. Our professional technical team will respond to your questions and feedback within 24 hours.


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