How to Make an Electric Skateboard Faster?

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Electric skateboards, a novel mode of transportation that seamlessly integrates technology with commuting, not only allow us to swiftly navigate through urban landscapes but also provide a unique sense of exhilaration. Sometimes, you just want to go fast, feel the wind on your face, experience an accelerated heartbeat, and sense adrenaline coursing through your veins. Speeding along on an electric skateboard is an entirely different beast! Being propelled so rapidly by such a small device is truly an impressive feat.

However, not all electric skateboards are designed solely for speed. Some are slower than others (many). If you find your electric skateboard struggling in the speed department or you want to make an already decent board go faster, then this article is for you. In this piece, we will explore the specific factors affecting the speed of electric skateboards and what measures can be taken to enhance it. Everyone here is sure to find something valuable.

Are you ready to join the ranks of speed demons?

How Fast Can Electric Skateboards Go?

Different electric skateboards have different top speeds. Some can't go that fast, struggling to reach even 20 miles per hour, mainly due to mediocre components. Others are absolute speed demons, easily surpassing 40 miles per hour if you don't hold back. The average speed of most electric skateboards under normal conditions is around 20-25 miles per hour. If you are a skilled rider and the conditions are right, you might go even faster.

Components and manufacturing quality play a significant role in the speed of electric skateboards. Voltage, battery output, and motor power are arguably the most critical factors determining maximum speed. That said, environmental conditions, rider technique, and additional customization factors also heavily influence the speed of electric skateboards. By taking the right measures and riding at the right time and place, you can overcome potential weaknesses in skateboard performance, such as subpar batteries or motor quality.

For example, GHOST, the world's fastest mini electric skateboard, has gained global popularity due to its exceptional quality and performance. If you're looking for a portable and speedy electric skateboard, this board is a great choice.

Factors Affecting Electric Skateboard Speed

Let's quickly overview the factors that influence the speed of electric skateboards:

  • Motor: Some motors are faster than others, capable of achieving higher speeds and torque, both of which impact velocity. Having two motors, in particular, will make your electric skateboard faster.
  • Weight: The weight applied to the board by the rider's body and anything they carry affects speed. The heavier the weight, the more challenging it is for the motor to work, leading to poorer acceleration.
  • Technique: The rider's body introduces significant resistance to the skateboard. When upright, they create air resistance, and the greater the air resistance, the more energy is needed for acceleration.
  • Battery: Rapid travel and powering the motor require a significant amount of electricity. The electric skateboard's battery needs sufficient capacity and capability to effectively provide energy for speed.
  • Wheel Size: The surface area of the wheels plays a crucial role in speed. Larger wheels will travel a greater distance in a single rotation. An 80mm wheel and a 120mm wheel will rotate at the same speed, but the 120mm wheel, being larger, will cover more distance at the same time.
  • Software: Some electric skateboards are designed with different riding modes. Some modes may intentionally suppress the motor, while others do not restrict it at all.
  • Terrain and Weather: Uneven roads and slopes significantly slow down the skateboard. Wind can easily reduce a rider's speed, at least while riding. Rain can degrade the performance-related components of the skateboard, such as wheels and bearings.

Best Methods to Make Your Electric Skateboard Faster

Here are nine actionable tips you can take to make your electric skateboard or longboard go faster:

  1. Use Larger Wheels: Bigger wheels mean faster board speed. Because larger wheels travel a greater distance in a given rotation, resulting in increased speed.
  2. Charge Your Battery to Full: Keep your battery fully charged to ensure the motor receives enough power to deliver maximum speed.
  3. Maintain Your Parts: Regularly check and clean the moving parts of the skateboard, ensuring that bearings and wheels are in good condition.
  4. Choose the Right Riding Mode: Understand the riding modes of your electric skateboard to ensure you take full advantage of its performance.
  5. Ride on Good Roads: Select smooth, flat roads and avoid uneven terrain to maintain optimal speed.
  6. Use the Right Posture: Minimize surface area by folding your body, reducing air resistance, and increasing speed.
  7. Reduce Weight: Lightening the load allows the motor to more efficiently propel the skateboard, so try to minimize the rider's weight.
  8. Upgrade Your Board: If the above methods fail to meet your speed requirements, consider purchasing a higher-performance electric skateboard.

Ultimately, ensure that safety is prioritized alongside speed. High-speed riding can pose potential dangers, so riders should have the necessary skills and protective gear. Before attempting to increase speed, make sure you are proficient in skateboard control.

Embrace the thrill of speed while keeping safety in mind—enjoy the exhilaration that electric skateboards bring!

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