Investing in A More Expensive Electric Skateboard Makes Sense

electric skateboard

Buying anything cheaply has its pros and cons. You can end up with more money in your pocket and still get what you want if you buy cheap products - but sometimes the quality of the product is so terrible that it's not worth the savings.


Electric skateboards have transformed from toys or sporting goods into real transportation that can get you from point A to point B. Just as you wouldn't buy a ridiculously cheap car, you wouldn't want to buy a ridiculously cheap electric skateboard.


You may think you're getting the same product, but that's definitely not the case with any electric or motorized vehicle. High-end electric skateboards have better range, higher speed, better steering, more stability, and have safer batteries, remotes, and firmware that allow you to control the e-board. The security of a well-designed product is worth the money.

I've seen it on cheaper boards:

  1. batteries catching fire
  2. the remote lost connection causing the board suddenly to stop
  3. motor or drive system failure
  4. bad steering or poor stability performance
  5. general annoying details: rattling, loose wires, super hot drive motors that may burn you


Long-term use - If you plan to use the skateboard regularly for several years, the higher upfront cost of a higher-quality model may be worth it, as it will improve durability, performance, and reliability over time. Cheaper skateboards usually have components that wear out or fail more quickly.

Performance Needs - If you need a skateboard with higher speed, better climbing ability, or better range, then a more expensive, high-performance model may be needed to meet those needs. Cheaper boards tend to have lower specifications.

Safety - For those concerned about safety, a skateboard from a reputable brand with better braking ability, stronger construction, and higher quality components may provide more peace of mind. This tends to cost more.

Resale Value - If you decide to resell, more expensive electric skateboards from reputable brands tend to hold their value better over time. Cheaper boards lose value much faster. Therefore, if you are considering resale, it may make sense to buy at a premium.

Extra Features - For those who value extra features such as remotes, app controls, indicator lights, customization options, etc., a more expensive board may be needed. Most budget boards offer only basic features.


In conclusion, if you plan to use your electric skateboard frequently for years, require high performance, focus on security, value resale potential, or want extra features - then investing in a more expensive model is often necessary and may ultimately save you money in the long run through lower repair/replacement costs and longer lifespan.


Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments section.

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