Recommended Spots to Ride an Electric Skateboard in Florida

Riding an electric skateboard in Florida

Florida is a popular electric skateboard gathering place after California, many of our fans also come from Florida.  They will often share with us the problems they encountered in riding and interesting experiences, of course, if you also want to share your riding story you can contact the editor-in-chief at, we would love to hear your story. Next, I'll share some of the interesting places we've collected to ride electric skateboards.


  1. Gulf Boulevard in Clearwater Beach


I believe that if you live in Florida should be heard of this place, and most people have ridden here. It's also the location we hear the most about for Florida recommendations. Clearwater Beach is a very popular tourist attraction. It receives more than four million tourists each year, so there are so many food outlets here.If you are interested in learning more about this place, leave a comment and let me know. I will arrange another article to dig into it. Back to the topic, because it is a tourist attraction, you can also meet people of different ages here, if you want to make more friends, we recommend that you hang out here often.


Clearwater Beach's Bay Drive is a great place to ride, the Bay Drive is 2.6 miles long and starts at the Golden Gate Bridge, along the way you can see the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Treasure Island, Alcatraz Island, Angel Island and the Marin Headlands, all of which are some of the best sights to see.


  1. Bayshore Drive


If you don't like busy main roads or busy places then this is the place to go, Bayshore Drive is located on a less busy main road, not crowded with pedestrians, the road is paved with bricks and the ride is very smooth and suitable for PU wheels or cloud wheels, the route is 10 miles long and you can see lots of electric skateboarding groups riding around here. If you are interested you can also join them, they are very enthusiastic.


  1. Honeymoon Island State Park


This is a primitive tropical island, if you want to escape from the city then you can come here, the air here is very fresh without the hustle and bustle of the city making this place a nature lover's paradise. If you want to ride here, please choose the inflatable wheels or honeycomb wheels, the vast majority of the road surface here is very primitive, of course, some roads are suitable for carving the track. But you can only feel the charm of this place when you are traveling in the forest. There are a lot of insects here, so I would recommend preparing for insect precautions in advance.


These are the popular places to ride in Florida that I have shared, if you have any ideas, please let us know in the comment section. And feel free to share your riding stories.

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