BASE CAMP F11 Rider Greg

​Hi, my name is Greg, I am a Skate and FPV Drone creation @Gre.vo

I had an opportunity to review a new product from Basecamp Skateboards. Check it out




Personally, I had a lot of fun. I'm not going to go over the specs because I'm not a specs kind of guy.
I don't even look at the manual most of the time. And I kind of love the fact that I to do is plug in the board, let it charge, turn it on, pair it with the remote, and it did all of that seamlessly. And then you're good. You're good to go.
Like there's no like anything to unlock or any kind of app to download or anything. It's just like, boom, boom, I'm mobile, you know? So that's a big plus. 



Another big plus of the skateboard that I really enjoyed is it's very beginner-friendly. So if you have like a kid like for me and my son is almost ten years old now, he's never really ridden on a skateboard proper prior to this. Like we've rolled around, we've had a little fun on like a regular skateboard, but I like electric skateboards you can change the setting on the skateboard to go from slow to fast.
That's fantastic. It worked. I've done like a two-mile trip on a trail back and forth. The battery barely went down. So that so far I've had a great experience with this. There's, there's nothing that I can complain about, but yeah, personal experience. Fantastic. My son loves it. He, in fact, kind of has taken it over and has taken it from me and uses it more than I do. What I love about this board, too, is it's a perfect size.



It's not too big. It's not too small. Like, it's just like this. A good size four it's not a longboard, you know, but it's got nice big wheels. The wheels are 90 millimeters in diameter and 51 millimeters which are perfect for just riding over anything. Like, I drew over some big pebbles
with this thing and just kept going and that's, that's a big, big plus. I love a good, smooth ride, you know like I have huge wheels on my roller skates as well just because I don't like bumps and stuff.
On the road and I want to have a nice smooth ride. So fantastic. I love the look of it. Then, the packaging is also was nicely done. It's got all the instructions to get you set up quickly. If you're like me and don't like to read instructions, there are instructions on the box
that helps you, you know, get up and go in real quick. Yeah, it just it's fun.




It's easy to get started. And for people like me who don't own any other, like electric skateboard devices, like the one wheels and things like that, this is a nice first step into you know, trying it out. It's heavy, but again, it's probably not as heavy as a gigantic longboard.
And what I love about this skateboard, too, is that it comes with a backpack and the backpack is stylish and it's easy to get the board on there.
So if you're a commuter, you can put your keys in you know, in the front pocket. And for somebody like my friend Diego, who's an actual skateboarder who skateboards like every day, if you're trying to like go over to your local skate park, you don't want to drive and say it's like a mile and a half away.
And then you've got your, like, park board with your small wheels and you're trying to roll over, you know, roads and pebbles and things like that.
You just trying to get from one destination to the other. You can actually pack your regular skateboard in the backpack and have it geared up and ready to go. And you can commute to wherever you need to go, where you're going to a session, you know, so it gives you some time and energy when you're skating to a spot, you're exhausted by the time you get to that skate spot. This is a good way of getting to that skate spot in style and still having your regular skateboard on your back.
So good job, BASE CAMP!

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