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I had an opportunity to put the F11 to the test and here's the product review




test with the braking and the acceleration and so far it works pretty good when you're going downhill obviously you get some pretty good speed and the braking's not sudden. So there are a bunch of different modes you can do. We're doing the most advanced mode right now. So you can do like different braking methods and it's slower if you're going downhill but it is enough to slow you down and come to a full stop so when you're accelerating going uphill it's a little less but if you're just on flat it gets going pretty well. So it only goes 10 miles an hour but when you're going on the board itself and it starts picking up speed it almost feels like you're going 30 miles an hour so it's super fun. It actually feels like you're snowboarding which is super cool; Braking: what I've found is it depends on how fast you're going I mean it's just physics right so when you're pulling back on the brake if you're saying you're going downhill. It's not going to bring you to a complete stop, it will slow the board down a little bit but you won't be able to come to a full stop just because you have that momentum already going, you're going downhill um. When I was going on a flat surface say I'm going all the way from 10 miles an hour at my full speed and then i'm bringing it down gently braking or if I just slam on the brakes. It'll take like three to five seconds before it can get fully stopped. So you kind of feel it out and kind of think about that when you're going so if you're like coming right up to something don't expect it to just slam on the brakes I mean you wouldn't want it to anyway. Because if you did it'd throw you right off the board so I think it actually is a great design that it's not just a complete stop right away. I think you would send yourself flying off the board if it did.




it comes with this awesome backpack that you just like can strap your skateboard right into and then put on your backpack, walk around with it, catch the bus if you want to, or go for a walk until you find a good spot and pull it out. It's less of a leisure product and more of an actual mode of transportation. I will say San Clemente's got a lot of hills, so it was a little tricky getting up some of the hills but it did make it and I was able to get around but when we got to the flat surfaces that's where it really really shined and we could just get this thing going.


top speed that it can go at is what it says on the box 10 miles an hour but again definitely did not feel like 10 miles an hour on some of those flat surfaces definitely felt a lot faster which was really cool I could see it keep its 10 miles an hour speed on some of the hills and stuff like that and then obviously if you're going downhill it picks up pretty quick.



the overall ride feel was super good, it literally felt like I was snowboarding it's like the coolest thing ever because you don't have to like push at all you can just get yourself going you're just gliding around, and feels like you're snowboarding on concrete. So the overall ride feel is really good, it's not bumpy, I mean hitting bumps, it's going to feel bumpy but on just normal asphalt or cement concrete kind of stuff it's pretty smooth I was pretty impressed.




overall build quality seems pretty good obviously it's a wooden deck which is nice pretty solid feels like an actual skateboard from someone who actually does skateboard it felt like a legit, just a cruiser, which is super cool it didn't feel like this weird plastic thing that you're riding on. So I liked that, um, the grip tape great I love the fun design on here they got their logo on the back I thought this was a giant v-mount battery, at first and I got really excited because I was like oh if there's a v-lock on it I could put a v-mount on it. It's not but anyway the battery lasts really long. I was pretty impressed with it. The trucks are plastic but I mean they're like a plastic metal kind of vibe. Maybe they are metal. They feel like both but they work really well. I was able to carve really easily on this. It was super fun. The build feels really good. It only actually has a motor on just one wheel but it seems to be plenty. It's just this wheel that spins and then it'll get you going pretty fast.




so since I'm a filmmaker wanted to test it out to try and get some smooth shots on it to kind of show how smooth the board actually rides by testing out filming with my camera from the board in super steady mode getting some cool tracking shots of her while riding the skateboard while holding my camera and the remote. We'll see how this goes all right, so I'm running focus on one hand and operating the remote on the other and so far it actually doesn't work too bad i have to like think of two things at the same time well i gotta say i'm pretty impressed with the shots they were incredibly smooth the ones that we just shot at 24 frames per second there's no stabilization no nothing on there completely raw out of the camera no image stabilization or anything even within the camera and it did really well so super fun super smooth board to ride had a lot of fun with it. 




so my overall conclusion to the product, I would say it's a super fun board. It's priced pretty decently, that is a very cheap price for an electric skateboard. I know the boosted
boards I think go for like two grand or something like that or a thousand dollars. There are some other ones that are around the same price but I have to be honest I don't really like the way that they've designed them as much as this one basecamp. You guys did a great job. I love the design personally. I think it rides great. I had a lot of fun with it and I would 100 use it as a mode of transportation.
Around where I live there's a coffee shop just down the street and I've already been using it to go back and forth to get my coffee in the morning. So props to you guys, you've created a fantastic product my overall thoughts on using it around here I don't know if I'd be able to ride it all the way into town where I live because it's just a very hilly city that I live in probably takes me a little bit to get into town. 


So if it was able to handle more of an incline and maybe go a little bit faster I think. I could probably do it if you guys ever had any additions to the product.
That would be my suggestion um but it's obviously not necessary if you live somewhere that's flat you are totally fine with this thing this will get you around anywhere and it's like super fun. We just had a fantastic time with it. 


You guys have created an awesome product and I wish you all the best of success as you continue selling this. I would highly recommend it to anyone out there looking to buy an electric skateboard for a reasonable price to ride around town and get around the neighborhood.

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