What is a Cruiser Skateboard?

What is a Cruiser Skateboard?
Therefore, if you're in the market for a lightweight, portable skateboard that offers a comfortable riding experience and gets you from point A to point B, you're in luck. We've compiled a checklist of things to consider when purchasing your first cruiser.

What should you look out for? Is size important?

There are various board sizes to choose from. The first is the mini-cruiser, starting as small as the famous 22-inch penny boards! The downside of these extremely small boards is their instability and difficulty in adapting. However, the most common size for cruiser skateboards is within the range of 28 inches to 30 inches. We've found this size to be the most ideal as it strikes a perfect balance between portability and comfort.

What shape should I choose?

Most cruiser boards have a tapered front and a slightly raised tail. The tail is the extended edge above the rear wheels, providing you with additional leverage to pop your cruiser over some low curbs if needed.

While most cruisers have tails (and even noses), some are completely flat. I wouldn't recommend flat decks as you need a raised tail to properly pop your deck or kick-turn.

Should your deck be flexible?

Again, we're not talking about showing off your new cruiser board to your friends. However, if you own one of our cruisers, you might as well. Seriously!

Flex refers to the degree of bend in your board when you put weight on it. It can help absorb more shocks, providing a comfortable riding experience - but it compromises stability at high speeds. Longer boards offer more flex, accommodating more flexibility. But considering cruiser boards are much smaller than longboards, we suggest avoiding cruiser boards that are too flexible.

What material should your deck be made of?

Deck materials range from cheap plastic to high-quality, durable maple or almost equally durable grade-A plastics. Of course, we'd like to tell you to avoid cheap plastic boards at all costs!

This not only concerns quality but also your safety. Purchasing a cruiser board worth $30-50 is simply not worth it as it will crack during rides, eventually leading to serious injuries. Of course, cruiser boards made with higher quality materials will be more expensive - but you shouldn't overpay for them either. Some of these boards' prices are inflated simply due to the markup from middlemen.

Are wheels crucial?

Stability is the name of the game as cruiser boards are meant to help you navigate obstacles between you and your destination. Therefore, you should look for larger, softer wheels. Wheel hardness is measured using a durometer scale - the lower the hardness, the softer the wheels.

Why should wheels be softer? Simply because they're better suited for rough roads and annoying cobblestones or cracks on sidewalks. I'm sure you don't want to experience intense vibrations on uneven terrain!

Bigger wheels also provide a wider contact patch with the ground - meaning more grip and less sliding on smooth surfaces.

Trucks and Bushings

Trucks are the components of cruiser boards that connect the wheels to the deck and allow you to carve. Getting the right size is crucial; you should aim to have the trucks as close to your deck's width as possible (usually within a 0.25-inch range). Too-narrow trucks will make you lose balance (think of high heels!), while too wide trucks will result in too large of a turning radius.

Bushings can make your skateboard turn smoothly. They are rubber rings installed around the truck's main pivot, typically made of polyurethane. Cruiser board bushings are usually conical. If you're a heavier rider, you'll need harder bushings to better maintain their shape over time!

Starting Today

For those who have read this article, here's a gif we've specially made for you to summarize the things to avoid when purchasing a cruiser board.

We hope that after reading our guide, you have a rough idea of what you need in a cruiser. Carry this newfound knowledge with you as you explore the many options out there!

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