What Killed Your Electric Skateboard?

Electric Skateboard Battery


As winter sets in, electric skateboard riders often encounter a notable drop in mileage, sometimes plummeting to less than 50% of the usual range. This article delves into the reasons behind this issue and provides actionable solutions to enhance battery life and restore optimal performance.

Why Does My Electric Skateboard Lose Charge Quickly?

While various factors contribute to the rapid depletion of electric skateboard batteries, the primary culprits include:

  1. Battery
  2. BMS (Battery Management System) Malfunction
  3. Seasonal Impact

Lithium-ion batteries, prevalent in the electric skateboard market, require a sophisticated protection system. Imbalances in charging among multiple cells can lead to premature shutdowns.

Identifying and Addressing Damaged Cells

  • Detection: Utilize a multimeter to measure the voltage of each cell within the battery pack.
  • Resolution: For newer batteries, a 12-hour charge with the BMS cable disconnected often restores balance. For older batteries, professional identification and replacement of damaged cells are recommended.

  BMS Malfunction

BMS malfunction is a common cause of rapid battery depletion. When the BMS is faulty, inaccurate voltage readings can result in unexpected skateboard shutdowns.

Testing and Resetting the BMS

Regularly test and attempt to reset the BMS. If unsuccessful, consider replacing the BMS to maintain battery performance.

  Poor Battery Storage

Proper battery storage significantly impacts performance. Considerations include:

  • Long-term storage: Maintain a charge between 30% and 50%.
  • Short-term storage: Keep the charge between 70% and 30%.
  • Cold Regions: Periodically open, discharge, and recharge the battery in extremely cold areas.

Other Factors Influencing Battery Depletion

  Battery Health

Battery life is measured in charge cycles, with an average lifespan of 700 to 1,000 cycles. If continuous use indicates reduced mileage, consider replacing the battery.

1: Seasonal Impact

Extreme temperatures, whether high or low, directly affect battery range and depletion speed.

  • Summer: High-quality batteries maintain an internal temperature below 30°C.
  • Winter: Cold temperatures increase internal resistance, reducing capacity.

2: Riding Style

Aggressive riding with frequent acceleration and braking consumes battery power faster. Adopting a smoother riding style can significantly reduce battery consumption.

3: Terrain and Inclines

Riding on steep inclines or rough terrains requires more torque, rapidly depleting the battery. Avoiding hilly terrains can conserve battery power.

4: Mechanical Issues

Any mechanical problems, such as misaligned wheels or motors, can make the motor work harder, consuming more power.

5: Firmware/Software Issues

Occasionally, firmware or software problems may lead to abnormal battery usage. Updating the firmware can often resolve such issues.

6: Charging Habits

Frequent overcharging or completely draining the battery can shorten its lifespan. Maintain proper charging cycles to prolong battery life.


In conclusion, maintaining electric skateboard battery life involves addressing internal battery issues, BMS malfunctions, and adopting correct storage methods. Additionally, riders should consider various factors such as seasonal impacts, riding habits, and terrain to ensure optimal performance. Diligent care and attention to these factors will contribute to a consistent and prolonged electric skateboard battery life.

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