Day to day the popularity of electric skateboards has increased. It has become one of the most important transportation in people's daily life. Getting started on an electric skateboard may seem daunting, but it's actually quite easy to learn.

Are you new in the electric skateboard community and want a complete guide about this?

You are exactly in the right way.

In this beginner's guide, we'll discuss electric skateboards and their functionality. Besides, we'll share essential riding tips and introduce some of the best electric skateboards on the market.

So, why delay?

Start your first journey with us.

What is an Electric Skateboard and How Does It Work?

An electric skateboard is a type of personal transportation that propels itself using a motor. It is different than a regular normal skateboard.

Usually, a four-wheeled non-electric board that you have to propel using some sort of power. The normal method is to push off the ground with your feet. On the other hand, an electronic skateboard is an electric version of a normal skateboard that makes your riding easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Now let's know how electric skateboard works, read on.

An Electric Motor: The ride of a normal skateboard is started by pushing off the ground with the feet. However, an electric skateboard has an electric motor that propels the skateboard forward.

The motor turns the wheels of the skateboard and provides the necessary momentum to move you along. It is powered by a battery below the deck. The motor can be a hub wheel motor or a belt motor.

Remote Control: The first way to control the motor of your electric skateboard is the remote control. Without a remote, controlling an electric skateboard is very difficult. This helps you control the board and keep it moving in the right direction. Usually, you have to hold a controller in your hand while riding a skateboard.

This will give you control over the speed and brakes of the skateboard. With the help of the remote, you can control your ride as you wish.

Regenerative Braking: Regenerative braking is a unique way of braking in an electric-powered vehicle. This ensures the safety of your ride.

Moreover, it gives you control over the speed of your skateboard. The brakes are electrified and controlled using a remote control.


Pre Considerations Before Buying an Electric Skateboard

Before buying an electric skateboard online or from a store, there are a few things you need to find out about it. We recommend you not to buy blindly when buying an electric skateboard, inquire about it.

There are some points to consider when buying an electric skateboard:

Remote Control
Spare Parts
Customer Support, etc.

To know more about it, you can check out our guide "10 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING AN ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD".

We hope after checking this, there will be no more secrets for you when you buy an electric skateboard.

Best 5 Electric Skateboards You Should Check

Today there are countless companies and online shops where you can find many electric skateboards. If you don't go to the right place, then you can get scammed.

We present here the best 5 electric skateboards with key space.

1. BASE CAMP F11 Electric Skateboard

Base Camp F11 Electric Skateboard is popular for its four-speed mode and 300w Hub Motor. Its long-range battery goes up to 16 Km per hour.

Its high-current charger takes only 2-4 hours to fully charge. Another great feature is its weight, which is only 11 lbs. So, it can be carried anywhere easily.

Key Specs

Price - $399
Battery - 4000 mAh (UL 2272, CE Certified)
Motor - 300w Brushless Single Hub Motor
Speed - 10 Miles / 16 Km Per Hour
Deck Width - 23.5 Centimeters
Deck Length - 74 Centimeters
Item Weight - 5.5 Kilograms/11 lbs
Load Capacity - 220 Pounds(100 Kg)
Warranty - 3 Months

2. Retrospec Tidal Rev Electric Longboard

The Retrospec Tidal Rev Electric Longboard has powerful dual hub motors and 4-speed modes. It gives your ride a top speed of 26 miles per hour.

Also, its wireless remote control gives the user control over speed change, brake, and backup.

Key Specs

Price - $599
Battery - 36V/ 6.0Ah/ 168W
Motor - 1000W*2 Hub Motors
Speed - 26mph
Deck Width - 9.25 Inches
Deck Length - ‎38.2 Inches
Item Weight - ‎19.1 Pounds
Load Capacity - ‎220 Pounds
Warranty - ‎Limited (Replacement within 30 days)

3. Swegton NG3 Electric Skateboard

NG3 electric skateboard is quite popular for its beauty. Equipped with smart sensors focuses on control and comfort. Its deck is 8.9-inches wide which attracts younger riders. It goes 9.3 mph despite being small.

The NG3 board weighs just under 8 pounds, yet is strong enough to support riders up to 150 pounds. It is easy to carry as it is light and small.

Key Specs

Price - $129
Battery - 16.8V 2Ah (lithium-iron)
Motor - 100W Hub Motor
Speed - 9.3 mph
Deck Width - 8 Inches
Deck Length - 20 Inches
Item Weight - 7.7 Pounds (4.83 Kg)
Load Capacity - 150 Pounds
Warranty - 90 Days Manufacturer

4. MEEPO Shuffle V4 S Electric Skateboard

The MEEPO Shuffle V4 S Electric Skateboard comes with is very soft though which can be great for a lighter-weight person.

It has a top speed of 29 mph and a range of 10 miles. You can ride safely on hills, grassy surfaces, or inside the city. It takes about 2.5 hours to charge from 0-100%. The skateboard is IPX6 waterproof and you can switch between 4 modes so you can adapt to your daily activities

Key Specs

Price - $474
Motor - 540W*2 hub motor
Speed - 29 mph
Deck Width - 9.1 Inches
Deck Length - 36 Inches
Item Weight - 19.22 Pounds
Load Capacity - 330 Pounds
Warranty - 6 Months

5. SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Skateboard

Tornado II Skateboard is great for its upgraded 7500 mAh battery. It also travels 21-24 miles in medium mode. With dual motors, its running speed goes up to 26 mph and it's powerful enough to climb 25% steep hills.

It has a 4-speed mode that makes it easy for beginners to learn and advanced skaters can enjoy maximum speed. Its LED taillights alert any vehicles behind you on dark roads making your riding safer.

Key Specs

Price - $399
Battery - 7500 mAh (High Safety)
Motor - 250W x 2 (500W in All)
Speed - 26 mph
Deck Width - 9.4 Inches
Deck Length - 38 Inches
Item Weight - ‎19 lbs/8.5kg
Load Capacity - ‎280 Pounds
Warranty - 6 Months

If you want to know about more Electric skateboards, then check BEST ELECTRIC SKATEBOARDS ON AMAZON IN 2022.


5 Tips to Improve Your Electric Skateboard Riding

Now that you know what an electric skateboard is and which ones are the best? So, it is essential for you to learn skateboarding.

There isn't much difference between a normal skateboard and an electric skateboard. In this case, you will need to practice a little because of the speed and the remote control.

If you are new to skateboarding, starting will be a bit challenging. However, our tips will help you ride like a professional rider. You'll feel like you've ridden an electric skateboard many times before.

So, why delay? Check out these electric skateboard tips so that you can become a pro in no time.
Tip 1: Practice in the Open Spaces

As a beginner, the best places for you to start riding an electric skateboard are empty car parking lots, parks, and streets during off-peak hours. Then once you've mastered starting, stopping, and turning, you can move on to other paved or curved surfaces.

Don't ride faster than you can run. Anything can happen on a ride and it's safe to ride slowly until you've mastered the skills to deal with it. In this case, you can start with the non-electrified board first. So, to ignore the danger, find the nearest empty parking lot to practice in the beginning.
Tip 2: Wear the Proper Safety Gear

Before stepping on an electric or regular skateboard you should put on protective gear, safety is paramount! In this case, a helmet, wrist guard, elbow pads, and knee pads must be read.

Wrist and knee injuries are very common in skateboarding because you use these two limbs to protect yourself when you fall. Also, head injuries can be very serious, so always pay attention to wearing helmets as well as protective gear.
Tip 3: Focus on Your Body Position

Body position is very important in skateboarding. Any hazard can occur if you do not have control over your body position. Remember, the board follows your eyes. In this case, keep your eyes up and see where you want to go. If you don't do this and look around, you can face misfortune.

You also need to maintain momentum. That's why it's better to slow down the speed you're traveling rather than increase it.
Tip 4: Find Your Stance

Stance is more important when riding an electric skateboard. In this case, move your front foot to the middle of the board which will point 30 degrees forward. Cross your back leg in front of your front leg which will be 90 degrees to the board.

A lot of eye work is too important, always looking 10 meters ahead. Besides, keep your knees bent to make your ride more fluid which will lessen the shake you feel.
Tip 5: Go Easy on the Triggers

If you want to make your trip easier, you should go easy on the trigger. Otherwise, your brake control may shake, which will make it more difficult to stand on your board.

Especially when riding on hills and steep terrain, the accelerator should be smooth and consistent. If you're inconsistent and pump that trigger, then you can fall.
Finishing Up

If you're looking for a new hobby, learning an electric skateboard is easy and fun! Electric skateboarding gives you the thrill of a classic sport and adds motor power. You can be faster in your daily commute with it.

In this case, you need to find the right one. Besides the right place from where you buy and the basic tips are also very important.

Hope this guide clears all the confusion in your mind!

If you still have any questions, you can use the comment section below to reach out.

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