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Best Electric Skateboard for college students

Best BUDGET Electric Skateboard for Creatives and College Students

As a college student and a small business owner getting from point a to point b needs to be efficient. I try to save as much time as possible, so I can go to class or go study or come back quickly for a meeting. An electric skateboard makes that so much easier for me and saves me a ton of time.

Today we'll be discussing an electric skateboard that was provided to me by Base Camp and I'll explain why I think that this board is the best board for college students that you can get.

First things first before I get into the specifics I'll tell you about my personal experience with the board. I used it quite a bit, that's for sure.

Number one I've had it for about Two months, the board has not broken on me it has worked every single time. Number two, I have loved riding this from point a to point b, if I had a class I could leave real quick. Grab my board and get there in like five minutes when it would take me about 25 minutes to get to class.

As I said earlier, I am a college student who is also trying to run a small business. Things that can shorten my time of travel are very beneficial for me, having a board as this has really really helped me.

Here is the specification of the board:


Deck Material
Deck Length
29 inches / 74 cm
Deck Width
9.25 inches / 23.5 cm
90 mm x 51 mm 85A
300w brushless single hub motor
2-4 hrs
5.5 kg
up to 9 miles /14.5km 
Top Speed
up to 10 mph
Max Load
100 kg / 220 lbs
Up to 10%
 1 x Electric Skateboard
 1 x Backpack
 1 x Remote Control
 1 x USB Cable
 1 x Certified Charger
 1 x T Tool
 1 x User Manual
 1 x Skateboard Nose Guard

It's also super easy to ride the board. The board is super convenient to carry. it's actually super super light so you know it feels like I have nothing. Something that I wish that the bag had is a little place where I can put a notebook or my laptop that would be really really sick and I'm sure that they'll do that eventually.

This board is also super affordable. I think right now they're selling them for like 300$. I would say it's a really great deal for what you get.

This is how you turn it on, you press this button boom. The remote has four different power modes. It also has a reverse button, I always keep it at the max because I'm just gnarly like that I guess, and then to change the speeds you just hit the power button. Choose what option is suitable for you. If you push it in the opposite direction it breaks and that is pretty much all you need to know about the base camp electric skateboard and I love it. Thank your base camp for sending this board. Faith, who's also filming this, also loves it. I love it. I highly recommend you guys check this board out. I think it's the best affordable board out there so I'll see you guys on the next videos.


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