At present electric skateboarding has become a big trend. People in many countries are seen on the streets with their electric skateboards. People of every age might be attracted to it.
In this ultimate guide, we’ll show you how to ride an electric skateboard like a pro. We’ve made this article simple so that you can understand everything from start to end.
Why waiting?
Let’s start with the basics of what to consider before your riding.

Things to Do Before Riding

Whether you're a beginner or a pro in skateboarding, you should ensure that your riding is safe.
In this case, you need to follow some previous steps before riding.
Here we have discussed some important steps. Following these, you’ll make your riding more safer and enjoyable.

Step 1: Practice and Have More Fun!

You must practice before starting to ride with your skateboard. No matter how good a rider you are, you should prepare for facing dangers.
At first, you may fall once, twice, or thrice but don't lose confidence. Believe in yourself and tell yourself that you can do it. Try to learn from your mistakes and correct them properly.
The things you need to keep in mind while practicing are:
  • Find a safe and open place to practice
  • Try to practice your braking so that you get used to it very quickly
  • Practice footwork with the standing board (start with the grass so the board doesn't roll away from you)
  • Practice starting and stopping repeatedly with the remote
  • Start at a slow speed at first, don't rush
  • Try again and again until you succeed

Step 2: Wear the Proper Safety Gear

There is always the possibility of falling while riding an electric skateboard. Electric skateboards are faster than regular skateboards. For this, the possibilities of serious injuries are much higher.
You need to wear safety gear.
Most commons are:
Protective Helmet: Most serious injuries while skateboarding are head injuries which can be very critical. Head injury can cause a blood clot in your brain to put you in a coma. It can even be life-threatening. So, always wear a helmet which will protect you from these dangers.
If you are confused about buying a good helmet then you can visit Base Camp Helmets.
Wrist Guard: Wrist injuries are common in skateboarding. You should your hands when you fall. In this case, wearing a wrist guard is very important.
Elbow and Knee Pads: Elbows and knees are also very flexible areas. An injury here can suffer you a lot. Make sure you wear the elbow and knee pads before going riding.
Safety gears make you more confident while riding. You can ride with peace of mind because you know you won't get hurt if you fall.

Step 3: Check Your Whole Board and Settings

Always check your electric skateboard before riding. A mistake made while you are in the middle of riding can lead to severe injuries.
So, before your ride, always check your whole board and settings. These preliminary steps will save you from damage.

Step 4: Avoid Traffic

Accidents sometimes occur in electric skateboarding due to collisions with other vehicles. That's why you need to stay away from traffic while riding.
Also, avoid highways with many cars, cyclists, or pedestrians.

Step 5: Get Ready to Go for a Ride

Probably you are more familiar with your board, isn't it?
Make sure you are ready before your travel. In this case, you need to keep some things in mind.
Here is a checklist of them:
  • Charge your battery for at least 4 hours before riding
  • Never ride in the rain or other wet conditions
  • Choose some smooth terrain
  • Start at a low speed and gradually increase the speed that suits you
Want to know more about this? You can check our HOW TO STAY SAFE WHEN RIDING AN ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD article.
Ultimate Electric Skateboarding Guide
Riding an electric skateboard is not as difficult as you think. You just need to be confident, follow the guides, and practice much to become a professional.
Now a question may come to your mind, "what guides should you follow?"
Check out the ultimate guides below.
We hope, you'll find the best guides on how to ride an electric skateboard.


It’s very important to stay aware of all activities. Doing something carelessly means you are more likely to make mistakes. More mistakes mean more possibility of danger.
A lot of mistakes can happen when you're riding your electric skateboard carelessly. Most of the time it can go out of control. So, there are a few things you need to be aware of while riding an electric skateboard:
  • Stay away if someone opens the car door
  • Animal or child running in front of you
  • Bugs in the eyes or mouth
  • Exiting a car from the intersection
  • Remote control disconnections
  • Potholes or cracks in the road
The best way to deal with these unexpected events is to stay aware. Always look around you. Taking this awareness makes your riding safer and more enjoyable.

Stance Properly

Stance means how you stand on your board. Knowing your stance is important. It allows you to stand safely on the board. By standing in the right position, you can ride with balance. It’ll make you more confident in riding the board.
Before stance on an electric skateboard, it’s important to be clear whether your right or left foot is more dominant. The leg you use to catch yourself is your dominant leg. The dominant leg in stance will be your front leg.
There are two types of positions in skateboarding: goofy and regular.
Goofy Stance: In this stance, you ride with your right foot forward and left foot behind.
Regular Stance: In a regular stance, you ride with your left foot forward and right foot back.
In a word, if you are holding yourself up with your right foot, you are in a Goofy Stance. If you are holding yourself up with your left foot, you’re in a regular position.
Choose the stance that is most comfortable and stabilizes you.
goofy, regular stance

FAQ- Which stance is best and more comfortable for me?

Everyone is different. So, it's important to find what stance and foot position is best for you. If you're not sure which position to take, here are two strategies:
Kick Test: Take a football and kick it. The leg you use to kick the ball is your front leg, and the leg that balances you is your back leg.
Slide Test: Slide across a slippery floor or slippery surface. Note the position of your feet during the slide. The front leg will be at the front of your skateboard and the back leg will be at the back.
Staying right stance is a good technique for a smooth and safe ride.
Control Speed
Balancing a skateboard's motion is one of the crucial parts of skateboarding. Speed ​​manipulation can make your ride very difficult.
Do you want to ride your electric skateboard at high speed without any plan?
You may face dangers like speed bumps. On the other hand, if you know the rules of speed control, you can rest assured. Let's know some key rules:
  • Ride at your comfortable speed, which is not too fast or too slow.
  • While riding at high speed, do not put too much weight on the back foot alone. Keep equal weight on both feet.
  • Bend your knees, which ensures more control over your speed.
  • Manage your speed while turning.
Make Turns
Electric skateboarding isn't much fun without turning. This refers to turning left and right while riding a skateboard. The way you turn left and right is to shift your weight between your heels and toes.
This can be said to be the most difficult aspect of riding an electric skateboard. It takes a lot of time. You need to practice a lot to learn. Fear not, because we'll explain it to you very easily.
There are two types of turns in electric skateboarding: Toeside and Hillside.
Toeside Turn: For toe-side turning, shift your body weight slightly towards your toes. This means you turn right if your left foot is forward. This will give you a balanced and controlled turn.
Hillside Turn: During the hillside turn, backward requires you to shift your weight slightly towards your heels. That is, if your left foot is in front of you, you are turning left.
Remember, always keep your head up. Look left if you want to turn left and look right if you want to turn right. Looking at something else means you are getting into an accident.
Be careful while turning. It takes a lot of practice to master. So, don't get discouraged if you can't do it right away. Start slowly with small turns.
Learn Braking
With an electric skateboard, being able to brake properly is very important. This is related to the safety of your riding. Thankfully, it’s easier now, because you can control the braking system with the remote.
However, foot-braking isn’t to be underestimated. If you can't use the remote or the remote stops working, you can also brake with your foot.
Here's a guide on how you can brake both of these ways:
Brake With Foot
Foot braking is an essential skill in riding a skateboard safely. This should be your first step in learning braking. To do this, you have to use your feet.
First, place your front foot slightly forward and then drag your back foot onto the road. Before braking, make sure you wear sneakers and don't go with sandals.
Brake with Remote
The remote makes the braking system of your electric skateboard even easier.
There are two types of braking mechanisms in the remote control.
  1. You have to release the trigger.
  1. The wheel is to be pushed backward.
Prepare to shift your weight forward when braking. Lean back a little, bend your knees and sit down a little.
We recommend that, before doing it on the road, practice in a safe riding area. You should try it regularly so that you get used to it. As a result, you won't panic when you have to brake hard.
Remote Control
The remote control is what the rider holds while riding the board. It gives the user control over the electric skateboard. You can easily order your electric skateboard using the remote control.
There is no specific way to hold the remote. Most riders hold the speed wheel with their thumb and fingers around the remote body. It gives the rider a firmer grip.
remote control
There are two types of remote control (RC).
RC Type 1: This is a remote control with a large trigger. You can pull the bottom of the RC with your index finger.
RC Type 2: The second type of RC has a sliding button that can be slid up and down.
Most remotes come with a small wheel or a motion trigger. Push the wheel forward to propel the board and backward to brake.
Remotes are one of the most important accessories for your skateboard. To avoid any panic, double-check that the remote control is connected to your skateboard.
Are you looking for the best remote for your electric skateboard? Then our Base Camp Remote might be your best choice.
While riding a skateboard, first you need to know how to kick-push. Kick-pushing is essential to save energy and battery charge.
Here are some reasons to learn kick-push
  • When the battery runs out in the middle of the ride
  • If the motor fails. However, this rarely happens
  • To avoid police calls for having an electric skateboard
Before doing this, you must know how to balance on one leg. To kick-push, first, rotate your front leg to the side. Make sure your toes point in the direction you're riding and your heels point behind your board. Now place your balancing foot on the board and start pushing by other foot on the ground.
Best Electric Skateboard for Your Riding
As a rider, you always want to choose the best skateboard for you. You have many options but the problem is choosing the right one from this crowd.
To give you relief from this, we have brought our BASE CAMP F11 Electric Skateboard for you.
Our board offers you.
  • Good battery support
  • High load capacity
  • The excellent speed with the powerful single hub motor
It’s very lightweight so you can carry it with you anywhere.
Then why the delay? Start your ride with the BASE CAMP Electric Skateboard.


Final Words

Riding an electric skateboard for the first time may seem challenging to you. It will become easier and more fun if you practice properly.
Becoming a skateboarder is not difficult once you master proper foot placement, technique, and wireless control. Also, you must follow proper guidelines before riding an electric skateboard.
We hope this ultimate guide has given you enough ideas on how to ride an electric skateboard.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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