Electric skateboards have become more popular. It's a fun game as well as has changed the way many people travel. Electric skateboards go faster than non-electric skateboards. So as more and more people are using it, they’re worried about whether it is safe to run.
Now, come to the question 'Are electric skateboards dangerous?
To be honest, electric skateboards are not dangerous to ride. You need to follow the proper riding instructions.
No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional electric skateboarder. There are some tips you must follow to keep your skateboard riding experience happy and safe.
In this article, we'll discuss 10 such safety tips that let you stay safe when riding an electric skateboard.
So let's start your safe skateboard riding with us.

10 Tips on How to Stay Safe When Riding an Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are a great way to travel in style and comfort. Your carelessness can end this pleasure.
Common skating injuries are head injuries, abrasions, bruises, ankle, and knee injuries.
For this, safety should be your number one priority when skateboarding. So you need to be aware of its safety when riding it.
Here are ten tips that help you to enjoy your electric skateboard riding safely and comfortably.
Tip 1: Practice as Much as You Can
There is a proverb "practice makes a man perfect." To succeed in any particular field or subject in life, you need to practice regularly with full commitment and a planned strategy.
One way to reduce injuries from skateboarding is to improve your skills. Your braking skills, carving skills, and high-speed riding skills are important. Practice is very much vital in developing these skills.
Only practice can be the key to riding your e-skateboard confidently and safely. For this, you need to practice for hours. When you fall, pick yourself up and start riding again. Don't stop, do it as much as you can. When practicing, you must practice in a closed and safe place.
Don't do any stunts or high-speed rides until you are friendly with the board. As you become more confident with practice, you will be able to handle higher speeds without compromising your safety.
Tip 2: Protect Everything by Wearing Protective Gears
Protective gear should be your first step in safe riding. Remember that electric skateboards are fun, but they are not toys. Sometimes a little carelessness can bring you great danger. So, safety is not a game, that you take it lightly.
When riding an electric skateboard, there is always a chance that you will fall, especially if you are a beginner. Electric skateboards are faster than conventional skateboards.
So once you fall from above, the chances of getting seriously injured are very high. In this case, you should wear protective gear for your head, wrists, elbows, and knees.
These will help you avoid serious injuries. Let's take a look at some of the safety equipment that should be your first priority when riding an electric skateboard.
1. Protect Your Head by Wearing a Helmet
Wearing a helmet is absolutely essential. A helmet is very effective in preventing brain injuries. This can help with head collisions after falling off your board.
Now, you're looking for a well-protective helmet, right?
Don't worry!
Besides, if you're just looking for helmets, you can visit Base Camp Helmets to protect yourself from Injuries.
2. Protect Your Whole Body
It is necessary to wear a set of protective gear for your whole body. The important ones are:
Elbow and Knee Guards: Knees and elbows are more likely to get injured while skateboarding. So knee and elbow pads will help you to prevent cuts and bruises. They should be worn over your clothes so that don't slip off during your ride.
 Elbow and Knee pads
Gloves: Basically, you want to protect yourself by reaching out your hands when you fall off the skateboard. In this case, your wrist gets hurt. Gloves protect your wrists from sprains and strains in the event of a fall.
Protective T-shirt: You may feel safer wearing gloves, and elbow or knee pads. However, a protective T-shirt will give you more safety. This will keep your entire body off the ground.
 protective t-shirt
Take the Right Shoes: You should not wear flip-flops or sandals while riding an electric skateboard. Always wear shoes that have a strong grip that prevents you from slipping off your board.
 right shoes for electric skateboard
You should wear flat shoes with strong traction or shoes with sticky rubber soles. These shoes will keep you on the board. Moreover, wear shoes that will protect your ankles from getting sore.
Tip 3: Check Your Entire Skateboard
To keep your riding safe, the skateboard needs to be kept in good condition. You should always check it closely before riding. Look for parts that need tightening, broken, or cracked.
Here are the things you need to check before riding:
  • Make sure the motor is working properly.
  • If the battery is low, add new ones before taking off.
  • Look closely all over your boards, searching for broken or cracked ones and fixing them.
  • Check your setup and fix it before you hit the road.
  • Oil the skateboard regularly and prevent your bearings from seizing.
  • Change your trucks when they get old.
  • If your remote has batteries, change them regularly to ensure they are able to brake when needed.
  • Check if your wireless controller has enough power.
To know more about maintaining your electric skateboard, check our guide HOW TO MAINTAIN AN ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD
Tip 4: Pick Safe Skateboarding Routes
Another way to do safe skateboarding is to ride in a safe place. If you know a place is not safe, stay away and take an alternate route.
Here are the things you need to keep in mind while choosing routes:
  • Avoid dangerous neighborhoods and potholed roads
  • Never ride an electric skateboard on rough or irregular terrain
  • Avoid highways where there are many cars, cyclists, or pedestrians
  • Do not ride on dimly light roads
  • Choose some smooth terrain
  • Always ride in places you know
Tip 5: Stay Away From Traffic
Stay away from vehicles in front or behind, and cars or trucks as much as possible. Also at all times, a rider should ride at a reasonable speed.
A collision with a car can be dangerous. So, you must stay away from traffic jams and be aware of traffic situations.
Tip 6: Avoid Riding in Wet Weather
Wet and slippery roads can make skateboarding dangerous. It can be difficult to control your speed there. You may also face difficulty in braking. Even if your electric skateboard is water-resistant, wet weather can damage it.
If your electric skateboard is not water-resistant, keep it away from heavy fog, rain, and similar conditions. This type of weather can be the cause of your accident.
Tip 7: Stop Riding While Drank
Riding an electric skateboard after drinking alcohol or psychotropic drugs is very dangerous.
“According to the Mayo Clinic, 25% of skateboarding accidents are caused by alcohol, which is a huge number.”
This can harm not only the rider but also other people around him. So, always be aware and stop riding when you’re drunk.
Tip 8: Avoid Pushing Your Limits
If you are a beginner then you have to ride within a limit in the beginning. You can't over speed or do amazing stunts like professional skateboarders. If you do these
things the first time to become a hero, you may even find yourself in a hospital bed.
So, to become a professional you need to take some time and be patient.
Remember, when speeding up your skateboard, you should go within the speed limit that you feel comfortable with. By practicing to a certain limit, you will eventually find that you can handle the board at high speeds like a pro.
Tip 9: Ensure You Fall Correctly
No matter how professional a skateboard rider you are, accidents can happen at any time. When accidents happen and there is no way forward except to fall.
You can avoid injury if you know how to fall correctly. Check the following tips to know how to fall.
Here are some:
  • Practice falling safely on soft or carpeted surfaces
  • Try to roll your body on the ground to avoid direct collisions
  • Use your hands to avoid head injuries, if not wear a helmet
  • Try to land on the fleshy part of the body when falling. Such as; the abdomen, thighs, or any soft fleshy area
  • Balance by rolling or running on the ground while falling
If you want to avoid accidental injuries, you must also practice proper reading.
Tip 10: Buy a Suitable Electric Skateboard
Electric skateboards are designed for different purposes. Some skateboards are for long-distance, and some are for high-speed.
Besides, there are electric skateboards that provide stability for beginners. Again there are some boards for people of different riding levels.
You may concern about finding a board that suits your needs.
In this case, our BEST ELECTRIC SKATEBOARDS ON AMAZON IN 2022 article can help you find the right electric skateboard.
Wrapping Up
Being safe is the most priority while riding an electric skateboard.
Throughout the article, we’ve shared ten effective tips so that you can safely ride your skateboard.
Before you start, try to follow our instructions mentioned above to stay safe.
If you have any better tips then share those with us in the comment box below.

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